Tillage Innovation Profiles


Dave Durham, Dutton, Elgin
Soil Type: Clay loam | Farm Operation: Cash Crop
Years in Operation of Coulter Harrow:

Tillage/Cropping System

System: Coulter Harrow
Fall Tillage: one light disc pass
Spring Tillage: To The Max one pass

Planter Make, Model and Description
  • John Deere 7200 12 row planter
  • single wavy unit mounted coulter
Tillage/Coulter Dimensions:
  • to the max tillage system tills top 1 of soil in spring
  • planter coulter set at 2 inches

Fertilizer System:
Liquid In furrow: 5 gal. 6-24-6
Broadcast: Per soil test
Dry Banded:
Additional Nitrogen on Planter:
Sidedress N: 140 lbs. N as 28%

Producer's Comments



  • Leaves 1 of mellow seed bed when following a fall discing.
  • Does not bring up gummy subsoil, can get on land 1 to 2 days earlier.
  • Low fuel consumption, very fast can do 10 13 MPH with 6 HP per foot
  • Does not plug up, will work cornstalks with ease.
  • Will not work up hardpan
  • Covers almost nothing, dirty ground must be sprayed