Tillage Innovation Profiles


Doug Schneider, St. Marys, Perth West
Soil Type: Loam | Farm Operation: Cash Crop
Years in Operation of Moldboard Plow:

Tillage/Cropping System

System: Moldboard Plow
Fall Tillage: plowed
Spring Tillage: cultivated

Planter Make, Model and Description
  • John Deere 7200 planter with vacuum meters
  • Yetter trash whippers-HD
  • Keeton seed firmers
Tillage/Coulter Dimensions:
  • no coulters

Fertilizer System:
Liquid In furrow: 10-34-0 5 gal/ac
Broadcast: none
Dry Banded: none
Additional Nitrogen on Planter: none
Sidedress N: none

Producer's Comments



  • Trash whippers move stones and residue to side allowing cleaner, smoothers planting surface.
  • Keeton seed firmers hold seed in trench to prevent bounce and also places liquid fertilizer on both sides of seed trench.
  • Must be adjusted for different conditions to do the job without plowing.