Tillage Innovation Profiles


Tom Barrie, Bowmanville, Durham
Soil Type: Loam | Farm Operation: Corn, Soybean, Small Grains
Years in Operation of No-till: 14

Tillage/Cropping System

System: No-till
Fall Tillage:
Spring Tillage:

Planter Make, Model and Description
  • CaseIH planter formerly 8-row solid converted to wing fold
  • Flexicoil airseeder
  • Yetter single disc fertilizer coulters
Tillage/Coulter Dimensions:
  • 2 front coulters 17 inch in diameter with 3/4 inch weave.
  • Coulter between trash whippers 15 inch with eight, one inch wide weaves.

Fertilizer System:
Liquid In furrow: nonw
Dry Banded: 150 lbs of 8.3-39-12.5 starter in row
Additional Nitrogen on Planter: 220 lbs urea 6 inches off row
Sidedress N: None. Corn is planted on red clover or soy ground. We have customers who plant into killed Alfalfa fields with no additional N.

Producer's Comments



  • One pass no-till planting, fairly inexpensive. The air seeder also plants small grains and soybeans.
  • Planter was 8 row ridged, converted to wing fold allows narrow transport width.
  • Will plant into any soil type and trash cover
  • Fairly rugged, seldom breaks
  • Hard to pull. 8100 JD is just adequate when everything is loaded to the max
  • Hard to separate varieties for Bt refuge
  • Complicated. There is hydraulic steering for the rear wheels. Easy to go forward but difficult to back up.
  • N fertilizer has to be extremely well made with a minimum of dust or the metering roll will cake and reduce application rate. Ammonium nitrate is better than Urea. A slightly humid day will plug the rolls within 3 acres using urea.