Tillage Innovation Profiles


Kevin Eisses, Barrie, Simcoe
Soil Type: Loam | Farm Operation: Cash Crop
Years in Operation of No-till:

Tillage/Cropping System

System: No-till
Fall Tillage:
Spring Tillage:

Planter Make, Model and Description
  • Kinze 2000 6R 30
  • Keaton seed firmers
  • Martin row cleaners, drag chains
Tillage/Coulter Dimensions:
  • No coulters

Fertilizer System:
Liquid In furrow:
Dry Banded: 6-24-24 150 lbs/acre
Additional Nitrogen on Planter:
Sidedress N: 40 gal Cangrow 20-0-5 at 3 leaf corn

Producer's Comments



  • Dry fertilizer banded in row.
  • Good depth control in variety of soils.
  • Low disturbance of weed seed bed.
  • Can attach to coulter cart for all fertilizer placed at planting.
  • Low fuel consumption, one pass planting.
  • Slower planting with finger pickup units, less than 5 mph.
  • Markers hard to see in heavy residue.
  • Seed trench hard to close in heavier soils, damp conditions, can cause compaction.