Tillage Innovation Profiles


Brian Fox, Wallaceburg, Chatham-Kent/Lambton
Soil Type: Clay | Farm Operation: Corn, soybeans, wheat, seed Corn, Sweet corn, sugar beets
Years in Operation of Shallow (Aerway or Field Cultivator):

Tillage/Cropping System

System: Shallow (Aerway or Field Cultivator)
Fall Tillage: None
Spring Tillage: Two very shallow passes

Planter Make, Model and Description
  • 12 row J. D. 7000 30 Corn Planter with 1 Wavy Unit mounted
  • Coulters are Ausherman frame mounted dry fertilizer coulters
Tillage/Coulter Dimensions:
  • Six rows of teeth to achieve 3 inch spacing on cultivator
  • Big cultivator on heavier soils gives total surface disturbance while still being able to plant in undisturbed soil

Fertilizer System:
Liquid In furrow:
Dry Banded: 150 lbs/ac MAP and Potash
Additional Nitrogen on Planter:
Sidedress N: 110 lbs actual N or NH3 on 60 centres

Producer's Comments



  • Much less expensive.
  • Two shallow spring passes versus fall plow and two heavier passes in spring.
  • Very uniform seed bed and seed placement.
  • Sometimes evens moisture.
  • Sometimes creates less weed pressure.
  • Less water erosion in heavy rain.
  • Corn grows better in ploughed ground in heavy soils.