1. My fear of waterI do not know

1. My fear of waterI do not know how to swim. I never learned to do it. I do not like to go to the sea, nor to the stream when we go hiking. I hate the idea of ??taking a bathtub. Since I was little I have had a fear of indescribable water, there is nothing that caused me more fear than the idea of ??being completely submerged. Even though my father tried to help me, it’s something I’ve never been able to overcome.And I do not know why. Or rather, I do not have it completely clear.There is a memory that I can not explain. I see myself floating in the water and then, the face of a beautiful woman who bends to me, smiling. She has long golden hair that floats around her like a mermaid and her eyes are a very intense blue.Sometimes I saw her when I was in the bathtub before my aversion became too strong. There was something sweet about his face, but at the same time, it made me uneasy.The apparition became something relatively normal in my life.My father and I have never had a serious argument, although he did get upset when I asked him about my late mother. He was always very reluctant to talk about the subject, insisting that I do not ask him questions.Then, a few weeks ago, I decided to tell him about the vision I had. He was so impressed by it that he almost bumped into a telephone pole while we were on the street. It became clear to me that I had to know something, so I asked him again about my mother.”She died too young, as you well know,” he replied vaguely. But I can assure you that I loved you very much. Not a day passed without me telling you.He looked at me sadly.”He had the same blue eyes as you and blond hair like yours,” he added melancholy.From then on, I decided that I would have to investigate myself. I think that the memory of my mother affects him much more than I imagined and I do not want to force him to relive the past. Even so, there are answers that I need.I found my mother’s name on my birth certificate and went to the local library, hoping to find some reference, a photo, something that could relate to that beautiful woman I saw in the water.Today I found it in an old newspaper:VIRGINIA: Sarah Higgins, 28 years old, was found dead yesterday afternoon, after having evaded a wire fence and entering a reservoir near her home. She died drowned. The family has planned funerals by the end of this month. Sarah faced house arrest, after facing charges of attempted murder six months ago, of which she was declared “innocent” when alleging mental instability. Her husband, Connor Higgins, stopped her just in time before she could drown her baby for months in the bathtub.2. The horror of Madame LalaurieIn 1780, a girl who would become the nightmare of dozens of slaves was born into a family of high society. It was Delphine Lalaurie, whose relatives of Irish origin and named Macarty, had emigrated to America and made their fortune. On the new continent, they settled in the French city of New Orleans, where Delphine was able to move in the best circles.In 1800 he married Ramón de López y Angulo, a distinguished Spanish gentleman who served as a diplomat between America and Spain, traveling frequently. He was on board one of these crossings that died, leaving a widow to Delphine and with a daughter.In 1808, she returned to Louisiana, where she married entrepreneur Jean Blanque. Together they had four more daughters, but unfortunately, Blanque died eight years later, as he was of an advanced age.Delphine’s third marriage was a doctor much younger than her, Dr. Leonard Louis Nicolas Lalaurie, from whom she would eventually take the surname with which she became famous in history. Together they lived with the daughters of the woman in a beautiful three-story mansion with a French-style colonial style, which was located in the very heart of New Orleans.From doors to the outside, things in the mansion seemed normal. However, the horror would soon take over people to discover the macabre secret that was hidden among its walls.One afternoon in 1834, a terrible fire broke out at the residence of Lalaurie. The incident reached such a magnitude that the intervention of the firemen was necessary. They discovered that the cause had been an old black slave who was chained by one of her ankles, to the stove in the kitchen. The poor woman had started the fire to commit suicide because they were about to go up to the attic to punish her for a fault committed.None of the slaves brought to the attic had come out again.The authorities then checked the attic of the mansion, finding a nightmare scene. There were seven slaves there, hanging from the ceiling with large rings. Although alive, their bodies were skeletal and bloody. They had been cruelly tortured and had not eaten properly for at least four months.It soon became known that Lalaurie liked to severely punish her slaves, sometimes whipping them to death or mutilating them without compassion. Some sewed the parts of the body without any care, causing them to become infected and prolonging their suffering.It was even said that he pushed a slave girl out the window, killing her on the spot, for trying to escape from her whip. The whole city was shocked.Sadly, Delphine Lalaurie never paid for her crimes, since she moved to live in Paris with her daughters to escape the fury of the people of New Orleans. He allegedly died there while he was out hunting boars.Currently, the mansion where this deranged woman lived is the property of the actor Nicolas Cage, who acquired it long ago as a whim.3. The legend of Charro NegroIn a small Mexican town whose name is not known, back in the 19th century, Adela lived there, a very beautiful girl with dark skin and black eyes. She was really a good girl but also very flirtatious because she never hesitated to pay attention to men who told her nice things when they left home or brought her gifts. Regardless of your age or your commitments.His mother had already warned him that this behavior was not going to bring him any good, but Adela was deaf. She was very vain and liked to show off her beauty at every moment.One night, Adela sneaked out of the house to meet one of her suitors. On the way, he saw a huge black horse with his rider on his back. He was a very handsome man, dressed all in black and charro, with a wide-brimmed hat on his head and golden spurs on his heels. As soon as he saw it, the girl was taken by him and forgot the boy who was waiting for her.- What makes a beautiful girl so alone at night? He asked in a deep voice that made his heartbeat.Adela replied that she was taking a walk and after a few minutes of conversation, the charro invited her to get on her horse for a walk. Very excited, the girl allowed him to help her mount behind him and clung to her waist. She felt like one of those romantic stories that her grandmother liked to tell her.All that fascination soon transformed into terror, because as soon as he was on the animal, the charro was quickly riding, until the horse’s hooves against the earth opened two lines of fire that seemed to burn it whole. Adela cried out in pain and tried to get off the horse, but the charro would not let her.People left their homes, scared to hear the girl’s terrified wails, to see if they could help her. But it was too late. From the moment he had agreed to leave with Charro Negro, who was actually the devil, it had become his property.And now he was riding back to hell, taking his pitiful soul with him.That night, dozens of eyes swore to see a black horse on fire, with two silhouettes on board: one of a gallant man and who issued sinister laughter that froze their blood. The other of a woman who burned and had charred skin.No one saw Adela again in the village. Around there spread the rumor that the girl had escaped with a boyfriend, impulsive as it was.But few people knew the chilling truth. It had been taken by the Charro Negro, in punishment to not know how to obey and be over-vain. And then all the girls of the town learned to behave decently, for fear that the devil would come back to kidnap them.


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