EDM or Electronic Music / Electronic Music commonly used for Night Club or usual also used in events related to Dance.

The music included in the EDM itself is Music Disco, Music Techno, House Music and of course Trance Music. Such music was popularized at Nightclub / Nightclub in the 1980s and early in the rave scene scene of the acid house in the late 1980s. The music that broke the ears and thrilled the chest. Indeed this type of music is not far from the frenetic nightlife. The strains of EDM have many genres that are full of appeal to the audience.

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House Music

This music genre originated in the city of Chicago, USA. The word “house” itself is taken from the name of a nightclub in the city, The Warehouse. Genre House is heavily influenced by Soul, R & B, and Funk elements that are a variation of disco music. House music itself is a genre in music EDM most widely accepted by the public. Almost all Top 40 music is influenced by house music.

Characteristic of house music is upbeat tempo, groovy and sometimes dominated by piano chords with tempo about 126-128 beats per minute (BPM). Because of its popularity, this genre has its own distinct sub-genres:   

  • Acid House: House music with little trance and techno influence. Tempo is slightly faster than music of the same genre in general. Let me understand more, try to hear the track from James “Jack Rabbit” Martin this.

  • Dutch House: from its name already seen if this sub-genre came from the Netherlands. Dutch House itself is one of the sub-genre that became popular, even in Indonesia as well. Let me know more, listen to the tracks from Hardwell – Spaceman and Chuckie & Junxterjack – Make Some Noise. 

  • Progressive House: The hallmark of this sub-genre is the increasingly musical tempo, almost similar to trance music. Try listening to the tracks of CLMD – Black Eyes & Blue or Calvin Harris – Summer. 

  • Deep House: this is the most chill sub-genre. Deep House music is often played in cafes or clubs that have a relaxed atmosphere. Try to hear Noir & Haze – Around, Oliver Helden – Gecko, and Faul & Wad Ad VS Pnau – Changes. 


Trance is an EDM genre that developed in Germany in the early decades of the 90’s. The main characteristic of this music is the tempo that ranges from 125-160 BPM as well as the flow up and down. Literally, trance means circumstance when you are in the subconscious. As the name implies, this trance music can make you hypnotized and feel happy or sad. This emotional sensation is created through a combination of various rhythms and layers of music, with repetitive melodies and vowels. Trance Music is a combination of many sound forms such as Techno, House, Pop, Chill-out, Music and Movie Music make an example:

  • ProgressiveTrance: Best of Progressive Trance;


  • Upliftingtrance: Uplifting Trance View Set 2011 Golden Year;

  • HardTrance: Swankie DJ ; Kashi – Sukka Beatz;

  • Armin Van Buuren feat. Miri Ben Ari – Intense;

  • BT – Skylarking;

  • Above ; Beyond – Alchemy;

  • Neelix – Wherever you are;

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