3.0 including age, gender, elective subject, pet ownership.

3.0 Methodology3.1 ParticipantsThis study is conducted in Sunway College, located in Subang Jaya. The aim of this study is to obtain information from first year college students. Hence, A total number of 20 Sunway Foundation Programme Students were invited to participate in the experiment. All of the students are aged from 18 years old to 20 years old. Of the 20 students, 10 students are male and 10 students are female.3.2 Tool of the studyA survey form was created as the tool of the study in this research in order to measure the changes in the students’ mood and stress level. The survey form was divided into a few parts. The first part of the survey form consisted of questions including age, gender, elective subject, pet ownership. These questions are asked in order to obtain some demographic information from the participants. The second part of the survey form is the Pet Attitude Scale (PAS). This measure included 18 statements rated on a likert scale from 1(Strongly Disagree) to 5(Strongly Agree). This part of the survey form is to evaluate the students’ attitude towards pet. Moving on, the third part of the survey form is State-Trait Anxiety Inventory. This measure included six statements that were rated on a 1(Not at all) to 4(Very Much) likert scale. It consisted of questions such as “I feel relaxed’ and “I feel distressed” in order to find out the anxiety level of the students before the experiment and after the experiment. The last part of the survey form is the Perceived Stress Reactivity Scale (PSRS). 3.3 ProcedureThe participants of this experiment were briefly introduced to the experiment and a consent form is signed by the participants. Then, the participants were randomly assigned into two different groups, Experimental Group and Control Group. 5 males and 5 females were randomly assigned into each group. After grouping the participants into two different group, participants were provided with a few survey forms as mentioned in tools of the study to fill in.In the experimental group, participants were allowed to play with a 2 years old Poodle for five minutes. They were allowed to freely play with the dog, including petting him, playing tennis ball with him, and feeding him. In the control group, participants watched an information video about dogs. The video is obtained from YouTube and it showcased an example of classical conditioning and operant conditioning by using a dog. After both the groups finished their activities, all of the participants were asked to fill in the survey form again in order to find out if there is any changes in their mood and stress level.


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