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A woman’s beauty is not from her face but the real beauty of a woman is reflected in her soul and women beauty grows from year to year. 2.3 The Visual Advertisement The media has been influencing society in many ways. The media decides what the public sees and how it is portrayed. Women are predominately portrayed in the media as thin, waif-like women, without imperfections. They shows the thin women as happy and successful. Some women are affected negatively by constantly being bombarded with this thin ideal. The media portrayal of women and how this portrayal affects women will be discussed below. The thin ideal is widespread, and it seems that thin women are everywhere in society from TV to magazines to billboards. However, those thin women are not our next-door neighbors, they are not our friends and family, they are images of women that most of society cannot attain. They are the models who have stylists do their make-up and their hair, they are airbrushed to rid themselves of imperfections, they are posed to look sexy; they are the images of the media. Most women cannot live up to these images because not everyone has make-up artists and stylists living with them, they cannot always hide their imperfections, and they do not normally pose themselves in the ways that the media poses their models.Women cannot get away from the media’s images of the thin ideal. The thin ideal is displayed on bill boards, magazine covers, television commercials. According to a study done by Silverstein, Perdue, Peterson, and Kelly (1986) (cited in Unger and Crawford, 1996) women are exposed to more media messages about their bodies than are men. Visuals in advertisement are used to communicate factual information. A simple symbol to communicate through meaning with certain concepts to present it to the audience. Visuals in advertisement not only interesting, but it keep the audience looking at the advertisement.The longer the audience look at the advertisement, the more likely the product or services being advertised will stick in the audience mind. According to the British Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA); presents the most persuasive message to the right prospects for the product or service at the lowest possible cost (Jefkins, 1992). On the other hand, advertisement is an act of advertising which stands for giving public notice or to announcing publicly as a dictionary meaning (Tyagi and Kumar, 2004). Advertisement nowadays seem to be in everything and everywhere people go and do, it is almost impossible to not find any advertisement at certain places. Advertising helps to form a long term sustainable image of the product. On the other hand, it stimulates sales (Kotler, 2010). Advertising effectiveness lies in the capability to help stimulate or maintain sales (Eachambadi, 1994). Thus, advertising is frequently used as an independent variable in explaining changes in sales (Lilien, 1994). According to (Abraham and Lodish, 1990), believe that advertising effectiveness has to be captured by the additional sales of a product over and above those would have happened in absence of any advertising or promotion. Advertisement depending on both quality of the product or service that being advertised and the quality of the advertisement itself. Little as been researched on capturing the impact of how the effects vary by creative medium or vehicle (Bhattacharya and Lodish, 1994).  2.4 Internet Advertising The emergence of technology has made online advertising the major channel of commercial communication around the world. Advertising is defined as any paid form of non-personal communication of ideas and information about products in the media with the objective of creating brand image (Kotler and Armstrong, 2010). The objective of advertising is to create awareness of a company, a brand, a website, or an event in order to stimulate sales and increase profits. For a long time, television, radio, newspapers, and magazines have dominated the advertising media. Now, online advertising is becoming the driving force in many advertising initiatives and efforts (Kotler and Armstrong, 2010). Internet advertising can serve as not only a communication channel but also a transaction and distribution channel. Consumers can get information and make purchases and payments all through the internet. (Miller, 1996) It is convergent medium for all other media, that is, a hybrid of television, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, direct mail, and so fort. Compared with traditional media, however the internet is believed to be more goal, task, interactivity, and information oriented medium (Chen and Wells, 1999). Noting the growing popularity of the internet as a promotional medium, (Putrevu and Lord, 2003). According to the study, on the internet, people have become expert skeptical processors of advertisements. The moment they classify a communication message as an advertisement, without any conscious effort, they either extract from it what is useful or abandon it (Gallagher, Foster, and Parsons 2001).This is known as online advertising (Palumbo and Herbig, 1998; Kaye and Medoff, 2001). Various types of online advertisements are available on the Internet. According to (Rodgers and Thorson, 2000), online advertisements can be in the form of banner advertisements, pop-advertising, sponsorship, hyperlinks, and websites. Online advertising is effective if it is able to generate an immediate response from consumers. Television is a display medium with external pacing medium itself decide the time and speed of transferring information while print is search media with internal pacing, absolutely in control of consumer or reader (Smit, 1999). Furthermore, people consider internet as a task performing medium rather than and advertising vehicle (Cho and Cheon, 2004). Therefore, internet advertisement are found to be the most intrusive as compared with other ads (Li and At, 2002). 2.5 Beauty in Advertisement Effect on Women Self Perception   According to Irving (1990), study represents one of the first studies to measure the effects of beauty standards in advertising on both the body and self-esteem of women. In an experiment that included respondents comprised of female college students,


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