Among full of bright and cheery locals. In

  Among all the great
countries out there, I believe my country stands out the most. It is a place
where a different cultures are infused into one melting pot to offer a unique
experience to visitors. Malaysia is famous for its rich culture and diversity
which makes it more distinct and unique. Every year, millions of tourists from
all around the world visit the country to admire the natural treasures and
masterpieces Malaysia has to offer. The wonders of the country is sure to
entice a fellow traveller.

  One significant city you cannot miss while
visiting Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur.
boasts stunning skyscrapers, colonial architecture, friendly locals, and a
myriad of natural attractions. It also comprises the city’s most iconic
landmarks, both natural and manmade. It would be a shame not to experience the hustle
and bustle of the city life in the capital. The majestic skyscrapers reaches up
to the sky and surrounding them from below are the crowded pavements full of
bright and cheery locals. In the early days, Malaysia was merely a small tin
mining trading town; today, it has become a metropolis city yet retaining its
fundamental identity

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  The Petronas Twin Towers takes its place in
the heart of the city, consisting of two connected identical buildings with
pyramid shaped tops fitted with slender steel spires. The tall skyscrapers seem
insignificant when compared to it. This jewel soars to a height of 451.9 meters
and consists of 88 floors that were carefully constructed with caution and
care. The whole building itself could accurately display the amount of efforts,
hard work and dedication put into it. The intricate and dazzling architecture
it possesses, represents the nation’s aspirations and ambitions for success and

  While walking on the busy streets of the
city, a strong yet captivating scent would eventually be noticed. If you follow
the scent, it would lead you to one of the many ‘Nasi Lemak’ stalls in the
city. ‘Nasi Lemak’ is the national dish of Malaysia. It is a dish originated
from the malay culture, in which fragrant rice is cooked in coconut milk and
pandan leaves. This dish often comes with sides of anchovies fried to a rich
golden brown colour, half a boiled egg, crispy cucumbers and a handful of nicely
roasted peanuts as garnish. This fast and hearty breakfast with its affordable
and wallet-friendly price is the source of fuel for most Malaysians to make it
through their days.

  Located in Petaling Street, is Chinatown.
This splendid shopping paradise would be hard to miss due to its eye catching
décor in a Chinese concept. Although in a different league when compared to its
more luxurious counterparts, such as, Bukit Bintang and KLCC, it is the most
crowded shopping district in the city. Bright and vibrant coloured Chinese
lanterns are hung up in an orderly manner, above the various stores selling
items from Chinese herbs to imitation goods. If you build up an appetite while
strolling on these streets and admiring the unique culture and goods, there
would be dozens of Chinese restaurants and street vendors greeting you with the
glorious aroma of Chinese dishes wafting from its kitchen, luring you in to
sample what’s cooking.

  Batu Caves is one of the attractions you
should not miss while in Kuala Lumpur. It is a 100 year old Hindu based temple
located on a limestone hill comprising several caves. The temple houses various
religious statues and intricate, detailed limestone formations. It is the
liveliest during the annual Hindu festival, Thaipusam, which attracts thousands
of devotees and visitors, thus making it a major religious landmark in
Malaysia. In the temple, you would be able to witness the way Hindus make
offerings to their God by flinging coconuts to the ground and even piercing
their bodies with hooks and needles.

  If what you are looking for is to enjoy the
scenery from higher grounds, the Menara KL might be perfect for you. It reaches
up to an impressive height of 421 meters which makes it an ideal observatory
point to admire a 360 degree view of the dazzling beauty of the well developed
and maintained city, consisting of historical monuments, skyscrapers, lush
parks, malls, bustling street markets and lively nightspots. The tower’s
architectural-style reflects Malaysia’s cultural Islamic heritage with Arabic
scripts, Islamic tiles and abstract patterns.

  Malaysia has a variety of which showcases the
city’s contrasts and diversity. The city’s identity was built on its history,
people and tradition in the arts and culture which makes it distinctive,
eccentric and one of a kind. The diverse races of mainly Malay, Chinese and
Indian have contributed their own unique influences into the city’s art,
language and architecture. When you are indecisive when planning your next
trip, look no further, let the city’s warmth embrace you as you lose yourself
in its extraordinary blend of tradition, culture and new world sophistication.


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