Back ups. Steven mumbled under his breath, then

Back Cover   There he was on top of the world. Only a few short hours ago he was in the small town of Hope,Arkansas. Just an average kid, but here, he was the savior of all mankind, maybe then he would get noticed by the girl who he is head over heels for.Inside Cover Steven O’Brien was, a Junior, 17 at the time, he had short dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Though he wasn’t in the best shape for someone his age. He weighed 220 lbs or so said the scale they weighed him with. He also wasn’t the tallest person in the world, he was merely 5’10 (and that was in boots).His parents on the other hand where anything but average they were a part of a secret spy organisation called N.A.T.F.E. The National Alliance Towards Fighting evil. During the day his parents had normal jobs. James O’Brien, who is about 50 years old, Stevens father, was a handyman. His mother, almost 60, Amanda O’Brien was a LVN nurse at the local nursing home.Chapter One: The Rope       “You want me to climb that rope?” asked Steven as if it was some type of joke.”Only if you want to pass this class.” yelled coach Haynes from across the gym where he was watching other students do push ups.      Steven mumbled under his breath, then he heard coach yell “Steven start running around the gym I’ll tell you when to stop” Steven was speechless how had coach heard him across the gym maybe he had anticipated him to say something that was it he thought.        A Short time later he heard Coach Haynes yell “Alright you fat pig you can stop.”        But Steven didn’t stop he loved running even though he was a little tubby. It made him feel free from the world, everything just disappeared while he was running, and nothing else mattered. As he continued running he felt something collide with his chest, then there was darkness.Chapter Two: The  Hospital      The next thing Steven knew was that he was in the hospital. He wanted to get up but he was handcuffed to the bed, and  wired to some strange machines too. He looked around saw the door was closed assuming it was locked. The room was windowless. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain on the left side of his chest as if he had been stabbed by a twelve inch dagger, looking down at his chest he noticed bandages wrapped around his abdomen. Knowing now what had happened someone had shot him. Without warning he heard the door knob jingle, and the sound of keys hitting together. Steven was not sure why he was handcuffed to the bed , but he had a feeling he’d soon find out. The door opened and his parents walked in he realized they were not dressed in civilian clothing . His father wearing a  perfectly pressed tuxedo, and his mother wearing a nearly skin tight black dress . Steven was puzzled “why are they wearing those clothes ?” he thought to himself. His mother spoke first ” Steven we have something to tell you.”His Father continued what she was saying ” Your mother and I are apart of a secret organisation called N.A.T.F.E.” he explained ” we feel like it’s time you know this because we believe our arch nemesis John connor sent someone to try to kill you today.” he continued ” another inch and a half to your right and the bullet would have pierced your heart killing you instantly.”Steven in a questioning tone  to his father ” Why did he send someone to kill me and not you two?”His father replied ” That’s what we are trying to find out Steven.” His mother interrupted  ” Well there is something else we need to tell you too.” She paused ” You have a twin sister” Steven not knowing what to say laid there speechless.” I know this is a lot to take in Steven, but now is the only time we are going to be able to tell you this.” Said his father then  he continued ” after you get out out of here we have been ordered to take you to N.A.T.F.E. Headquarters, so you may begin training tactics for the field.” Chapter Three: On the Open RoadSteven had never been out of Arkansas before ,but he knew it would be a long car ride to Phoenix, Arizona. His father was driving him and his mother had stayed behind because she had been assigned another assignment. He finally got the courage to ask ” Why didn’t you tell me I had a Sister before Mom?” “Because your mother and I knew if we did you may want to find her.” his father replied    “Why did you put her up for adoption and not me?” Steven boldly asked “We chose you over her Steven because the agency forced us to they found out that your mother was pregnant with twins.”  Steven’s father responded. “Why could you only choose one of us?” Steven questioned “The organization made us choose Steven that’s why.” He replied and continued “we chose you because we figure the organization would recruit you over her. We put her up for adoption when you two were nine months old you cried for weeks and you wouldn’t eat or sleep either.” Steven now knew who John connor had sent to kill him.  Chapter Four: Back to BasicsThey had arrived in a little over 24 hours, Steven leaped out of the open door of his dad’s candy apple red 1969 Chevy Malibu and breathed his first breath of fresh air he had really had in that time. The only time they had stopped was to eat sleep and use the bathroom and even that was briefly and his dad was rushing him so no one would see them for too long. They arrived at headquarters James flashed his badge and the guard pressed a button and the gate opened. The car lurched forward threw the gate topped with razor wire, the smoke cleared as the the car halted near what steven had  pictured a airplane hanger to look like. Steven remarked ” so what’s next dad ? what do we do now ?””Follow me” said an unfamiliar voice They both turned to see a woman. She wasn’t the most beautiful woman in the world but she wasn’t hard on the eyes either.She then said ” My name is Camila Boucher , I will be training you for the next 12 weeks into the most dangerous 17 year old on the planet.”  Steven said his goodbyes to his dad.Camila asked “Are you ready Steven?”  He replied “As long as I don’t have to climb a rope.”Smiling Camila chuckled Chapter Five: Training PainsAs they walked threw the hanger’s doors Steven looked around ,as he always did entering a new place. He noticed the high ceilings, painted a shade of blue, it reminded him of the ceiling of Grand Central Station, on the wall was a map of the world with small pins all around on it. They continued to walk ahead down a long wide hallway, with pictures of war heros on each side. He noticed one in particular he thought was strange. Steven stopped by it asking Camila ” who is this General?” Camila replied “That is General John Cochran he served during world war two as a Navy General.”  she continued”He is pictured here leading his fleet to yugoslavia to assist in the efforts of forcing the Germans to retreat”  Feeling satisfied  Steven continued down the halway. Camila lead him to a small room at the end of the hall, put in a code and let him in , then closed the door behind him. He was alone .Chapter Six: The RoomsThe room was painted a dark orange color, to the naked eye it looked empty he noticed a small shadow at the corner of the room. He got down on all fours and crawled over to where he saw the shadow and found an exit or so he hoped. He felt something and pulled it, it was a door to another room. This room white as snow, and a very low ceiling, he looked around the walls, no shadow ,he looked every witch way no shadow, so he walked around the room, feeling each wall looking for some sort of hand hole. He did that on each wall then he tried the ceiling he found a place to pull himself up to. Now he was in a room of mirrors Steven wondered if this was some sort of test. He felt as if they were wasting his time. He kicked the one of the four mirrors revealing a crowd of people who were clapping and cheering for him. He saw Camila among them, so he walked to her asking ” What’s going on ? who are these people and why an I being tested by y’all testing me?”  but she kept standing there clapping and so did all the other people. “Whats going on he asked?” he pushed at Camila she glitched. He realized all the people where a holographic. He was getting tired of the games they were making him play.He decided he was going to play a game with them. He then went back to the first room found about were he remembered coming into the room and kicked hard knocking open the door and hitting Camila with the door.He apologised to Camila profusely she replied ” it’s fine you took too long by the way.” “What do you mean I took too long?” replied Steven”You should have been out an hour ago and i was about to come in and get you.” replied Camila”How long was I in there?” asked Steven” About 6 hrs” she replied” It only felt like a few minutes.” argued Steven “That’s what the simulator does to you.” assured Camila”All of that was just a simulation.” questioned Steven”Yep” Camila answered “I Knew the holograms where, but everything wow!” exclaimed Steven” yes we have some of the most advanced technology that isn’t available to the public and the public doesn’t know about it either.”” I’m starving .” Steven Blurted out Camila as if knowing reached into her pocket and pulled out what appeared to be a granola bar ” Take one bite wait 10 seconds and you will be full” camila told in as she handed it to him seconds later he was suddenly dizzy and collapsed.Chapter 7: Realizations Steve opened his eyes  ,now realizing what had happened, looked around puzzled not knowing where he was. He tried to get up but was unable to. He was tied to a table with all sorts of wires connected to him. He strained to see a shadow of what appeared to be a human. Steven Yelled out “Who are you!” There was no reply he yelled again “Who are you !” The shadow moved towards him Steven braced himself for what was about to appear.


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