Boiled so many different ways across the globe,

Boiled Eggs


Eating eggs
daily has been a part of so many people’s daily routine since time immemorial.

Whether it be two boiled eggs for breakfast, an egg sandwich for lunch, or egg
curry for dinner, eggs are a versatile food option, with several benefits.

Whether one is thin, fat or somewhere in between, eggs have a multitude of
benefits. They are cooked in so many different ways across the globe, in
conjunction with various other ingredients. However, there do exist some common
forms in which egg is eaten virtually everywhere. These are boiled eggs,
scrambled eggs and poached eggs. Of these, boiled eggs are supposed to be
especially beneficial.




Below are
twenty benefits of eating boiled eggs everyday.


Bone Strength

Eating one
or two boiled eggs on a daily basis can be extremely beneficial to your bones.

Eggs are known to improve bone strength since they contain large quantities of
protein and calcium. These two ingredients can help in preventing common
problems that occur as one grows older such as osteoporosis. Eating eggs in
conjunction with some regular exercise will further strengthen your bones and
make them more resilient to fractures.


Hair Loss

If you are
finding several strands of hair in your washroom basin, on your pillow or on
your hairbrush, make it a habit to consume at least one boiled egg per day.

Eggs contain vitamin A as well as vitamin E, both of which work towards
strengthening your hair follicles and thereby strengthening your hair from root
to tip.



Boiled eggs
contain a large quantity of vitamin A, an essential vitamin as far as vision is
contained. Vitamin A can help prevent problems such as night blindness and near
sightedness. For best results, include a boiled egg into your night time meal,
either in the form of a sandwich, or in a curry or even in rice.



If you are
in the habit of consuming fatty foods such as butter and processed foods such
as potato chips or instant noodles, replace them with a snack that contains
boiled eggs. Boiled eggs contain good fats such as monsaturated and
polysaturated fats. These fats stabilize your cholesterol levels and lower the
risk of contracting heart disease. Furthermore, these fats also regulate your
insulin levels and reduce the risk of you contracting type two diabetes.



If you are
looking for a healthy addition to your diet in an attempt to stabilize your
weight ot lose weight, then eggs are the right choice for you. Eggs are full of
proteins and good fats, without being too high in terms of calorie count. So,
adding these to your diet will help you attain the right amount of muscle mass
without the extra calories. If you want to start working out, remember to eat
two boiled eggs before you do as this will fill you with the requisite proteins
and calories. Lastly, eggs are a good source of energy and keep you feeling
full for a long time.


Risk of Cancer

In today’s
day and age, where cancer is rampant, do what you can to protect yourself and
have one or two boiled eggs a day to prevent this.  A single egg contains enough of a chemical
called choline which is said to reduce the risk of cancer, particularly breast



also helps with improving brain development. It helps stimulate memory and
helps you stay focused throughout the day. It also helps in keeping you alert
and can be especially beneficial for those who have hectic jobs or are studying
for anything.



contain a substance called antioxism which strengthens nails and makes them
appear shinier. Eat two boiled eggs a day and witness beautiful, strong and



Eggs are an
excellent source of vitamin D. And especially if you live in large cities like
Bombay or Delhi and are not exposed to sunlight, you should definitely include
eggs in your diet.


10.   Prevent Anemia

Anemia is a
disease where a person has a low hemoglobin count, resulting in tiredness and
pale skin. If you suffer from anemia, you should add boiled eggs to your diet
as they are a rich source of iron. People with a mild iron deficiency
experience irritability, headaches and fatigue. Iron carries oxygen in the body
is very important for immunity and energy metabolism. Egg yolks contain iron in
the form of heme iron which is readily absorbed and used in the body, even more
than iron supplements are.


11.   Reduce Bad Cholesterol

Boiled eggs
are rich in Vitamin E. Regular consumption of boiled eggs helps in reducing LDL
or bad cholesterol from the body.


12.   Prevention of cataracts and
protection of eyesight

A good
intake of boiled eggs, spinach and broccoli is associated with a 20% decrease
in cataracts. So for those above 40 years of age, including an egg in your diet
everyday is a fantastic idea.


13.   Teeth Strengthening

visits to the dentist by eating one or two boiled eggs per day as these contain
large amounts of vitamin D and protein. These work towards fortifying your
teeth and protecting them against common problems such as cavities and fluoride


14.   Skin

Eggs are
even beneficial to the skin since they contain large quantities of vitamin E
which help you to achieve smooth and glowing skin. Vitamin E also works at a
cellular level to remove dead skin cells and rejuvenates dull looking skin.


15.   Sustainable Energy

Rather than
indulging in foods such as chips or caffeinated beverages for a quick energy
fix, rely on eggs. These will give you a gradual burst of energy and will help
you to go about your daily tasks in an efficient manner.


16.   Better Physical Performance

If you are
in the habit of being physically active or play a sport of any kind, you must
be sure to include boiled eggs in your diet. These help to stimulate your
muscles and increase your stamina.


17.   Nutritive Value

Eggs are
full of proteins, vitamins A, E and B12, and also contain folic acid. All of
these elements make them a huge source of nutrition.


18.   Lower Blood Pressure

If you
suffer from high blood pressure, you will find it hugely beneficial to eat one
or two boiled eggs per day. These contain adequate proteins, vitamins and
minerals, all of which help to stabilize your blood pressure.


19.   Reduce Risk of a Stroke

presence of essential vitamins and minerals ensures that your neurological
health is perfect. This will reduce your risk of having a stroke.


20.   Improves Immunity

Eggs also
fortify your immune system and protect you from common diseases such as cold
and cough. Eat an egg a day to keep the doctor away.