CEC technology in evaluating results; · work collaboratively

CEC Standards

(AT) Competencies

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Curricular content knowledge: The candidate should display
 understanding of the foundations related
to the use of technology in the LD area

Concepts of the use of Technology
in LD
Communication of the philosophy
and  goals for using technology in LD,
Terminology related to the use of technology
both in written  and oral
communication, and
Omani legislations and regulations
and their implications for technology in LD.

Learner Development Individual learning differences:
Candidates must

Exhibit an understanding of the influence
of technology at all stages of development on learners with LD.
·      Exhibit ability to provide information on the
differences among learners with LD through considering the role of technology
in tackling diversity.

Learning Environments: Candidates must demonstrate

knowledge of the technology management
and security procedures when using technology for learners with LD;
ability to apply technology to support
social acceptance in inclusive schools; and
ability to specify the technology
demands for learners with LD.

Assessment: Candidates must

use of technology to administer
use of technology to help in the
diagnosis and evaluation of learners with LD
harmonize between the  characteristics of children with LD and the
features of  technology product or
Utilize technology to in the
collection, analysis, and reporting of data related to student performance in
order to inform instructional decision making (e.g. in CBM for children with
Specify and screen for functional
needs and limitations, and determine if there is a need for a comprehensive
assistive or instructional technology evaluation;
Observe outcomes of
technology-based interventions to reevaluate the use of technology with
learners with LD ;
Support children with LD by providing
functional intervention, placing goals with regard to the use of technology in
evaluating results;
work collaboratively with other
school professionals and general educators to identify (At) that can support children
with LD in meeting the academic, social and emotional  demands;
Determine the provision of AT
devices for the learners  so that the
use of AT  or instructional technology
is optimized;
examine vicarious solutions prior
to making decisions regarding the use of assistive or instructional
Provide decision making related
informed by an evaluation of a continuum of options ranging from no
technology to high technology.

Instructional Planning and Strategies Candidates must

provide technology realated
support to learners with LD; and
Rehearse, test, and examine the
suitability  of potential AT devices or
other instructional technologies for learners with LD  before making decisions regarding the
purchase of any devices.
Apply technology in planning and
managing the teaching and learning environment for learners with LD;
Include and implement AT into the
individualized education plan (IEP) for learners with LD;
Maintain evaluation procedures of AT
devices and instructional technologies that are used or can be used with
learners with LD;
Determine elements of the
curriculum for which AT applications are adequate and methods they can be
used and applied to benefit learners with LD;
Specify and operate AT devices
that meets educational objectives for learners with LD;
Desgin or install AT devices and
instructional technology resources to fulfill the needs of learners with LD;
Provide focused, structured
training to learners with LD to use instructional and adaptive AT devices and
other resources until become competent users.

Professional learning and Practice: Candidates must

knowledge of ethics, human and legal
issues, importance of equity when using technology in the area of LD;
knowledge of professional organizations
and published work relevant to the use of AT in the area of LD;
ability to seek continuous  professional development to obtain knowledge
and skills in the area of AT for learners with LD;
adherence to copyright laws about
duplication and distribution of software and other copyrighted technology
ability to advocate for assistive
or instructional technology on individual and system change levels; and
Participation in activities of
professional organizations relevant to the field of technology.

Collaboration: Candidates must understand

Roles connected with the AT services provision that must be fulfilled;
guidelines for the referrals of
learners with LD to other professionals inside or outside the school
how to provide in-service training
in the AT applications in the area of LD;
how to provide information to
other professionals and families of learners with LD about AT resources
how to collaborate with other
school personnel in planning and implementing AT devices and resources to
support learners with LD
How to teach other professionals
and parents of learners with LD about the operation, maintenance, and
troubleshooting of AT devices.


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