Could living from one paycheck to the next.

Could you imagine going into the real world without any money to spend (Rhetorical Question)? I know that I can because many people are faced with this problem since they never got taught the importance of saving money. They have to make it all on their own without any support. People would not be able to move out of their parent’s basement or even supply their own food. Besides, the people who do move out on their own will most likely make plenty of spending mistakes that could have been avoided. Also, eating ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is not a smart idea and extremely unhealthy. However, it is the only food they can afford since they are living from one paycheck to the next. Saving money is a necessity especially for people out on their own who want to better their future.Let’s take a look at ways to improve people’s money management skills. One way includes teaching teenagers in high school the importance of saving money. Studies show that 87% of teenagers state that they do not know money management and the significance of it (Logos). Since saving money is difficult, teenagers should be taught ways to save. Just like Josh Billings, an American writer said “Money is like promises, easier made than kept.”(Ethos & Simile). By showing teens ways to save money, they can prepare for the future. Also, it will let them gain experience on saving money. Teenagers could start saving money for a variety of things such as paying for college or a car. There are also plenty more reasons why practicing to save money at a young age is important. Money management is a great skill to have as an adult. Since people do not want to live in an apartment building or their mom’s house all there life, they purchase one. In order to purchase a house, a down payment needs to be made. This could be a lot of money so people end up saving a decent for a house. However, if they never saved, they will be forever stuck renting or unable to leave their parent’s home. On the other hand, if they save they would be settled in their home. However, they still have to save money in case of an emergency. Unexpected and emergencies can come in many ways such as a sudden hospitalization, a job loss, or an accident. Financial crisis can happen at anytime. Hence, saving for an emergency can provide the much needed and required help to overcome such a financial crisis. In addition to saving money for an emergency, people should also save for retirement. Imagine being able to retire early, and living the rest of your life without any financial troubles. Besides, people act as if money will burn a hole in their pocket (Personification); instead of spending the money, they should save it in the bank for their retirement.However, some people feel that learning about the importance of saving money should not be taught in schools but from experience in the real world. Instead of learning important skills of money management, they would use real life experience to learn the skills themselves. By making mistakes, people could learn from them and improve their knowledge on the importance of saving money. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes in life. However, the mistakes made by people about saving money in life could been easily be avoided. By getting taught about the importance of saving at a young age, people could learn about others’ mistakes without the pain of it actually happening. On top of that, they would also have experience on money management as a teenager to help them in the real world later on.Now imagine a young adult who has just started their life in the real world with the knowledge of the importance of saving money. He/She can now start saving money to support their future. Since the young adult worked on their money management skills as a teen, they are less likely to make mistakes or fail (Pathos and Anecdote). Also, dreams of affording a house seem less difficult and an early retirement seems more promising. Even though they cannot prevent all of the emergencies that life throws, saving money helps prevent more stress than necessary (Personification). Having money saved would not make your life perfect, but it would definitely make it a whole lot easier. Besides, if you save enough money, you could own anything in the world (Hyperbole).


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