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Crack! You’re driving across a bridge and you suddenly hear the ground beneath you tremble, agitating, unsettling, distressing. If the concrete below you splits or cracks, you’re either going to plunge into your death or drown in a river. A plethora of bridges contain a multitude of trusses, gusset plates, and I beams that help support that particular bridge. An example of a bridge that has these properties is the Akashi Kaiky? bridge of Japan also known as the ‘Pearl Bridge’, which crosses through Kobe and Iwaya, Japan.The Pearl Bridge contains trusses beneath the roadway which makes the bridge rigid and allows access to sunlight and air. These trusses help support the bridge against hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and other natural disasters ( BUILDING BIG databank, 2000). Here are the overall mechanics of bridges. When a force is applied to a bridge, it’s downward force is balanced out by the force of the Earth and the supports on the bridge (upward force) . A formula that represents this is the downward force + the upward force = net force, which means that the upward force must be greater or equal to the downward force. If not, that bridge is a goner, wretched, sombering, lugubrious. Another feature of this bridge is it’s tall, 928 feet towers, in which the engineers built in 20 mass dampers for each one. (Tuned) mass dampers aka. ‘TMD’, are counterweights and their purpose is to reduce motion in the case of extreme winds or earthquakes. Before the creation of this suspension bridge, the Akashi Strait was populated by ships importing paraphernalia and proletarians. During this time, the strait was a dangerous waterway, treacherous, hazardous, perilous. In 1955, a monsoon flooded the area and killed 168 people, and thus persuading the Japanese government to formulate the longest suspension bridge in the world. The engineers, which consisted of two million workers, took about 12 years to finish this bridge (, 2015). The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge is currently a national tourist attraction in Japan. People visit this attraction for it’s 1,000 lights attached to the main cables, which resembles a magnificent string of pearls. This is why this bridge retains the nickname ‘The Pearl Bridge’. The lights on this bridge vary from each season, which truly gives the Akashi Kaiky? Bridge an amorous feel to it ( When you visit this bridge, you’re able to attend guided tours which is offered to tourists who want to climb it. I believe that the Pearl Bridge is an astounding bridge due to the amount of documented history about it. It’s build and structure also plays a huge role in it’s breathtaking experience. Due to these values, they give this bridge the recognition it deserves as the largest suspension bridge in the world.


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