Dear In order to correctly study the effects

President Trump,

            In the past week, my team of physical
oceanographers and I received a report from our collages that a massive oil
spill had occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. This oil spill threatens the lives of
wildlife animals, but the worst part is that it could soon spread to the shores
of western Africa and Europe. If this were to happen, the United States would
lose millions of dollars and have major conflicts with these countries. My goal
is for my team to go out to the Gulf of Mexico in order to try and study the
way the oil will turn and how it could potentially head into the North Atlantic
Ocean. My
team and I predict that the floating oil will make it to the Atlantic because
of two main reasons winds and tropical storms. The winds are important and
influence how an oil slick advances through the ocean. Winds move at very fast
rates and could potentially also be affected by tropical storms. Tropical
storms are unpredictable and could spread oil in many directions of the ocean. In
order to correctly study the effects of the oil spill and how it could soon
affect these countries my team and I will be using several hundred devices
known as drifters which will provide us with information about ocean
circulation patterns in real time. The data presented from these devices will
allow my team to predict which way the oil spilled will travel through the ocean.
Drifters weigh about 20 pounds and have four main components: the body, sails,
floats, and a transmitter package. A drifter can be positioned from a ship or
an airplane. When the drifter is floating in the water, the transmitter will
then send a signal to an Earth polar orbiting satellite. This data is then
processed and distributed. This data will help us find the path of the oil
slick and what are the best methods to use in order to save marine organisms.
In the end, I want my study to succeed, but in order for it to happen I would
need some funding for my research and physical oceanographer team in order to
help the country and the marine life. Mr. President if you could please help us
in this amazing research we would sure appreciate it.

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