Every female Spartiates who were tasked with creating

Every single
class within the Spartan Society was required to play a very crucial role in
making sure the warrior state that was Sparta up held its high level of
Military Supremacy over other Greek states and any and all potential invaders
considering invading Greece. This statement did not exclude female Spartiates
who were tasked with creating healthy, strong warriors to keep Sparta the
Warrior state alive and thriving. Besides this stereotypical duty tasked to the
Spartiate women it was not their only required job within Sparta to make sure
it held Military Supremacy. Spartiate women often played a major role in
economic, religious and often social aspects of the Spartan Society. Archaeological
evidence from ‘Artemis Orthia’ (A Religious Temple) like ‘Statue of a young female athlete’ have supported some of the information given
by these ancient sources and supported the sterotype of Spartan women as being
highly visible and active within the state compared to their Greek

Sparta was
held in high regards when it came to education and it was not held to the male
Spartiates only. Spartiate Women were often given the same education and some
extra specialized education to allow them to become proper mothers, mange ‘Kleroi’ (State owned property given to
every Male Spartiate) and participate in most religious festivals. Spartan
Women in their Youth often found themselves exercising sometimes with the boys
to increase their physical nature this often boosted the moral of the youth and
because of this it encouraged equality and competitiveness between the 2
genders. The ‘Statue of a young female athlete’
reinforces this idea that Spartan women were often very fit and it was very
common to see them doing exercise. All of these exercises and education
protocols given by the Spartan Government were designed to improve the odds of
a woman’s chance of producing fit, heathy warrior males. Although Woman was not
only required to keep a strong and fit body but they were required to keep a
strong mind. Spartiate Women were often required to learn reading and writing
skills and ‘Plato’ believed that The
Spartan women had the best education in philosophy”. To learn these literacy
skills they would remain in the care of their mothers at home, these practice
of mental enhancing were reinforced with choral singing, when they were taught
to perform in sing and dance. These Song and dancers were often myths with
strung tighter with strong military story of heroes in battle and Gods. We have
recordings from and ancient poet and composer named ‘Alcman’ who created an assortment of songs called ‘Partheniai’.

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Women during their Adult life were not allowed to create clothing like many
other women classes in Greece; these tasks were given to helots the slave
population of Sparta. Instead a major responsibility given to the Female
Spartiates were overseeing there ‘Kleroi’
while their Warrior husbands were away training or fighting in a war.
‘Xenophon’ informs us that Spartiate women did commonly own and manage ‘Kleroi’
without male guardians. This is also reinforced by Aristotle “Spartans tin the
day of their greatness many things were managed by their woman… And nearly
two-fifths of the whole Spartan Country side was held by women”. Not only this
but Spartiate males very dependent on their wife’s to effectively pay their
debts to the ‘Syssition’ and the
government. Besides all of this their very most important role within the
Society was to become mothers of warriors. Xenophon explains “for free woman
the most important job was to bear children”.

After a
Spartiate Woman has given birth to a child if the baby survives the examination
by ‘The Council of elders’ the child is given back to the mother where she
would give full supervision of the child for the first seven years. While under
the supervision of their mother the child is introduced to physical training
and also taught them to be tough and resilient by refusing to nurture them as
babies. The mother also ingrained into them that performing at the Apex of
their ability was the only option in life. With that they would also raise the
child to conform around the laws and be loyal to Sparta. Spartan mothers
provided the Spartan state with a very vital step in the development stage and
preparation for the ‘Agoge’ for their
formal military training. A very Famous Spartan quote was Before a Spartiate
male left before battle his mother handed his shield to him and said “Son,
either with this or on this.” This tells us that the dream of a lot of Spartan
mothers was that her son would be a hero, but a hero only returned dead or

These written
sources and physical evidence including the ‘statue of a young female athlete’ has given us a small insight into
the roles that women played within the Spartan Society. With the little
information we have gathered it has given us the opportunity to be able to
understand the influence the female spartiate population had on the


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