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Have you ever wondered how the engine on your car is in the hood of the car and not the back despite it being a rear wheel drive?How does the power generated by the engine move to the back of the car?To answer those questions we must first know what a rear wheel drive (RWD) and what a front wheel drive (FWD) is.A front wheel drive is a vehicle that propels itself via the power generated by the engine using the two front wheels which are connected to a set of differential gears (differential gears are used to prevent skidding of two connected wheels by allowing them to move at different speeds based on needs) and those differential gears are connected to a gearbox or any type of transmission.A rear wheel drive is a vehicle that utilizes the rear wheels to propel the vehicle; the rear wheels just like in an FWD vehicle are connected by a differential gear set that is connected to the output of a gearbox or any other type of transmission.The main difference between the two is the way the differential gears are linked to the transmission, in a RWD long shaft named a driveshaft is used.A driveshaft is basically a part that transfers power from the transmission to the rear differential gears.A driveshaft is (typically) made of two hollow tubes with a universal joint connecting them together while one end is connected to the gearbox output via slip joint to allow the shaft to extend as needed when a vehicle is moving across an uneven surface such as going over a pothole or a speed bump.The slip joint is designed to slide back and forth on the output of the gearbox shaft to extend the shaft between the gearbox and the differential gears.The best types of driveshafts are made out of materials such as steel; some are also made out of aluminum and may contain a variable number of universal joints (joints that are used to be able to spin a shaft at an angle).When the rear suspension moves up or down due to the road surface, the driveshaft must extend or shorten due to changing distance between the gearbox and the differential gears that is caused by the suspension moving up or down to compensate for the uneven road.


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