I what the working world is like. It

I would like to get the Chartered Certified
Accountant (CCA) qualification from Association of Chartered Certified
Accountants (ACCA). This is a qualification that is recognized internationally.
The minimum requirement is a one-year part-complete diploma from a polytechnic.
ACCA has 2 levels, fundamental and professional. When I graduate from Ngee Ann
Polytechnic, I will be exempted from certain foundation papers. Thus, I should
acquire this qualification after graduation to make use of these exceptions.
After I get the CCA qualification and become an ACCA member, I will aim for the
Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) certification. I want to attain these
qualifications as they open my career prospects up to a larger range of
companies and will not limit me to working in a company in Singapore. It will
also prove to my employers that I am qualified and competent.

5.    Continuing
Education and Lifelong Learning

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I would like to take on a
part-time job, perhaps during the holidays, seeing as i feel it would give me a
rough understanding of what the working world is like. It would be best if I am
able to look for a job that is related to my diploma, such as managing small
accounts, taking for example a depreciation account, to give me a first-hand
experience of working in the accounting industry. However, putting that thought
aside, any job would allow me to hone my communication skills as well as learn
how to work with others. These, I believe are two of my weaknesses. I will keep
an eye for suitable job opportunities for me to improve on and overcome my
shortcomings during the holidays.

CCAs and Enrichment activities


After identifying my preferred job as an
internal auditor, I decided that for my year 2 interdisciplinary module, I
would take either Business Etiquette and Image, or one of the language modules,
such as basic conversational French, German, Korean or Spanish. I feel that
these modules will help me tremendously in my journey to becoming an internal
auditor. As mentioned previously, one of the main reasons why I am aiming to be
an internal auditor is because of the opportunity for me to travel the world.
It would be an advantage if I were fluent in the language of the country in
which I am deployed. I believe this will allow me to better understand and
gather information regarding the targeted department. As for business etiquette
and image, I am convinced that first impressions make up a great part of one’s
opinion of you, including how you are dressed and how you act. Thus, no matter
what job I pursue in the future, business etiquette and image is extremely
important. I also need to concentrate on the financial accounting modules to
build a strong foundation for my auditing module in year 2.2.

3.    Course Structure
& Modules


After the career conversation
with my career coach, I developed an interest in being an internal auditor in
the health industry. An internal auditor’s job is to examine and analyse
accounting records and to evaluate and improve or come up with ways to make
business operations more efficient. Internal auditors will usually visit the
targeted department, examine their financial reports and operation, gather
information and analyse whether they are able to meet business objectives and
whether there is anything to implement to make the business more efficient and
productive, and lastly to make a report to the management about it. The
required qualification needed to be an interval auditor is a bachelor’s degree
in the financial field, best if from accounting or business administration.
Apart from that, there is a requirement of at least 3-5 years of work
experience from related fields such as external auditing, risk management and
internal control. We need to know how to use CAATs (Computer Aided Auditing
Tools) such as the IDEA tool (Interactive Data Extraction and Analysis) and ACL
software. It is as important to know how to use Microsoft applications such as
Word and Excel. Other than the technological skills mentioned, it is also
required to have strong analytical, communication, critical thinking, speaking
and writing, and problem-solving skills. The reason for my interest in being an
internal auditor is because we are able to travel frequently and it fits my
interest code very well (CEI) – conventional, enterprising and investigative. I
like to be exposed to new things and places to broaden my horizons, thus a job
that allows me travel frequently is very attractive. A recent job posting I
found on job street is a position as Internal Audit for a healthcare company,
it allowed me to understand more about what it takes to be an internal audit
the skills I need to learn and hone.

My Preferred Job


I am Koh Seow Tong from TA05.
To understand myself better, I used the DISC personality test. To my shock, my
personality had changed in the short time between now and when we did the DISC
personality in class. My new DISC result is CDSI. My two most dominant factors
are Compliance and Dominance. According to a website, I realised that people
with CD personality are usually decisive and analytical, and efficient executors
who love challenges. I am a thinking person who prefers and tends to logic and
analysis before feelings. I like to have control over situations. I am a person
who seems reserved at first but when I have a point to put across, I will be
very forthcoming and articulate. I am very competitive in achieving my goals
and am motivated by good results. I would rather have impressive
accomplishments than a wide social circle. Under stress, I will become
impatient and controlling.

Introduction About Myself


I'm Rita!

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