In for your work or for big companies

In this power point ill be talking about physical security
and software security , what they are and how they can be used for security.
Giving advice on what to use for security, why they’re vital for your work or
for big companies that cant afford to lose crucial/important work, otherwise it
wouldn’t be good for the them.

Physical security – 
Physical security is protection for important belongings, highly
classified data, important data etc. examples can be like locks, cameras etc.
physical security is used to keep out unauthorised access.

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Software security – Software security can be programs within
the computer to protect the computer from getting hacked into or to deny
unauthorised access i.e. hackers who can be a potential risk.

u  Locks
are a physical mechanism that keep any unauthorised access away and un able to
get in, of course there are other ways to keep unauthorised access away but
locks are the more crucial parts in terms of security, locks are used on door’s
, safes etc. giving only the owner to have access to the personal belonging

u  Locks
can keep unauthorised access away because only the person with the key can
enter, and anyone else with permission to enter. Also a typical lock can be a
normal key and lock but the modern technology allows you to use contactless
cards to enter or a coded lock

u  Locks
are important not just because they keep away unauthorised access they keep
important data that could be the heart of your company, and if the data’s
stolen, the company could get blackmailed and lose a lot of money

u  Visitors
passes are what you get when entering a company, school etc. they’re used so
that visitors get a timed access in the work place. they’re also used so that
staff working know that the person wearing the visitors pass is a visitor
meaning they aren’t allowed into highly classified rooms for security purposes,
also so they know they’re visitors

u  Visitor
passes are important because they keep the visitors allowed only in places
around the building where they’re allowed and if the aren’t in a room where
permission has been given, they’ll be denied access

u  Sign
in/out systems are systems that can be used within a work place or at school’s
to have access without anyone around also to see who’s in and who’s out. The
business can use ID cards with contactless access to the building and highly
classified rooms within the business/work place

u  Sign
in/out systems are important because if something is stolen or data has been
lost or anything like tat happens you can check the last card that has accessed
the room, which makes it easer to catch thieves

u  Sign/out
systems don’t always have to be cards or just signing a paper saying you’re
here, finger print can be used which makes it easier to access and also to
catch any unauthorised access willing to access

u  Biometrics:
Biometrics are unique ways of accessing buildings using, fingerprints, retinal
scans or voice recognition, using these ways of authorisation is important as
they using unique patters that inly you hold i.e. your fingerprint or your
retinal blood vessels, they’re used to make it harder for unauthorised, as they
will need unique patterns to an authorised person to enter

u  Retinal
scans: Retinal scans is a way that identifies a person through the retinal
blood vessels that is unique which is why its used because no one can copy the
pattern to an authorised person retinal blood vessels which is precisely why
its used

u  Retinal
scans: They’re used for access to work places, mainly higher ranked jobs or
important ones that hold important information and to avoid anyone else other
than someone with permission, accessing highly classified information and also
steal it and use it against he company

u  Fingerprint-
Fingerprints are like your own password except no one can copy or forge it like
a password because it’s unique to yourself and only you can use it. Your
fingerprint is a coded binary code saved to a system that only allows your
fingerprint to access seen as it’s just numbers of ‘1’ and ‘0’ and not an image
so it can’t be copied and used somewhere else

u  Using
fingerprint access is good for high ranked companies or highly classified
companies as it only allows access to those who’s identity is saved in the

u  voice
recognition- Voice recognition is a type of way a system that has stored
your voice, can identify a person using their voice, mainly using ASR
(automatic speech recognition). Voice recognition uses the level of your voice
and your voice pattern which then can be identified by a voice recognition

u  Advantages
for voice recognition can be that its easier to access buildings or any highly
classified organisation, as it only requires you to say a couple words so it
can recognise your voice the downside is that it takes tie to get used to your
voice as technology for voice recognition is still being worked on

u  Guards-
Security guards are used to secure an area or a building or a room containing
important information, they can keep away anyone who doesn’t have permission to

u  The
advantages of security guards is that they cant be fooled or lied to like a
piece of technology that can be hacked, a disadvantage is that they ca be
secretly be working for someone else and can be the thief that steals data

u  Guards
need to be trusted so the best thing is to keep them to guard some fake
information or unnecessary information to see if they would guard it or try
something else like steal the “data”

u  cable
shielding- Cable shielding is important especially for big companies that
rely on data transferring through cables, this means that the cables are a big
part of the company which need to be safe and protected (shielded)

u  A
few ways of shielding your cables by using cables that contain extra layers
that are hard to break through or by hiding the cables behind walls or
underground, this is important as the company relies on data transferring
through a cable meaning people can interfere and steal the data, even worse the
data passing through a cable that isn’t shielded could be corrupted

u  A
firewall is used as a extra layer of security as it prevents any unauthorised
access to enter a network. The firewall is used to block out hackers and
malicious viruses for example worms

u  It
is important that this is on a network because then that means that the data
stored on the computer can become safer from hackers and any other type of
threat that could

u  Having
a firewall configuration is crucial and essential for any technology user as it
keeps your devices safe from any type of threats to your device, this could
keep your work safe as well as pictures and any personal data important to you

u  Virus
checking software protects any viruses from entering your device and
potentially corrupt and damage and ruin the device which is why downloading an
anti-virus software can help prevent viruses from getting into your device and
one example of an anti-virus software is McAfee

u  A
virus checking software basically goes through any new files entering the
device, so the software scans every new data entering the device and makes sure
no viruses have travelled with any file, but viruses can enter your device by
going on unknown websites or opening suspicious links received or junk mail.

u  Intrusion
detecting systems are a way of picking out unauthorised access that could be
potential threats to a user carrying important information or just personal
data, and this could be prevented by IPS (intrusion prevention system) which
disallows unknown access or unauthorised access that could possibly be a threat
for the computer

u  Having
this system in your computer or any device is helpful as it protects anyone
from entering personal information or classified information that cannot be

u  Passwords
are what people use to enter personal accounts following their email, they’re
used so that no one else enters their personal accounts, i.e. bank accounts,
social media accounts etc. Having a strong and hard password is necessary as
well as important as it keeps hackers and anyone else who wants to enter your
account away, as it’ll be hard for them to enter your account

u  A
few ways to keep your passwords hard to guess also nearly impossible to guess,
is by adding capital and non capital letters, not just in the beginning, use
them Thorley and throughout the passwords, also add numbers as their could be a
trillion combinations of numbers, even better, add numbers in-between letters,
lastly symbols or if you want an extreme password, you could use all of the
above, plus other languages

u  Levels
of access to data is when workers can all be granted access to the workplace
but only limited workers, more likely to be higher ranked to have permission to
a room filled with highly classified data or personal data, even then some
workers could have access to certain rooms at certain hours of the da to keep
everything in  the room safe, and also to
know who has entered the highly classified room

u  Having
levels of access to data is very much beneficial to companies and workplaces as
it prevents unauthorised access to certain rooms, in order for security of the
classified or personal data

u  Updating
the software is important as it has better security and has been upgraded
meaning it now is better and faster then the previous software, this also means
that there’s ales chance of you being hacked or having your data corrupted as
it’s a new software, no one has had it for long, meaning if someone wanted to
hack it, it’ll be hard

u  Modern
software’s usually update themselves due to how high and better technology has
gotten, this is good as you don’t need to update the software yourself, even if
it didn’t update itself, the computer would send a notification to the user, to
update the software

u  Audit
logs is not being bale to access certain websites or having limits on what to
access on a computer due to highly classified information, which means that
you’re not allowed to access certain pages or files due to safety or personal
reasons, it allows companies to control what employees can and cannot access

u  Audit
logs is used because it prevents employees from accessing websites that aren’t
permitted by the company, so audit logs allows companies to see what the
employees are doing and if they’re doing their job correctly or if they’ve been
going beyond their limits and going on webpages they shouldn’t be on

u  Diskless
networks is not using a disk drive meaning it isn’t using the internet when
using the computer which prevents any hackers and any other threats that could
corrupt data on the computer, this makes your computer more secure and

u  Diskless
drives are used because its more secure and prevents any hackers from being
able to hacking into you’re personal information as well as any other
information which is a plus side as well as using network booting which is

u  Handshaking
is when two computers interconnect by sharing the same connection as each
other. This basically means the when you need to transfer important data with
another party, handshaking is a secure way to do it as it askes for codes for
authentication from the requester to verify their request in order to have
access to the information needed

u  Handshaking
is helpful and necessary as it provides the data requested safely and
efficiently so that not just anyone can have access to another persons data,
which could be crucial and could cause that person to lose important data i.e.
bank account details, Gmail accounts etc.  

u  Public
and private keys are used to ensure safe communications between two parties, so
that no one can eardrop into a conversation using any kind of technology to spy
on a conversation that is meant to be confidential meaning it cant get anywhere
and no one can know about the classified information being said

u  Hence
why classified phone calls or classified messages that can’t get leaked, use a
public key to encrypt a message meaning that it messes up the whole message so
that no one else can read or hear it, ensuring that the information stays
between the two parties.

u  Also
private key is a different type of key but it uses similar format to decrypt,
meaning it scrambles up any information through a message, phone call etc.

u  Virtual
private networks is a personal network to yourself and how it works is that
first connect to a public network that with that if you have a VPN it contacts
your VPN  and connects to your own

u  Benefits
of using VPN  is that your much ore
secure and there are less threats to your connected device, also its remote
control so it can be turned on and off and sharing data is much simpler and
easier, lastly it doesn’t cost as much as a normal network which could save you

u  Call
backs is a type of a verification method to ensure that the person calling a
company is who they really are, so the company verifies the user by sending the
user a text message through email or an SMS message and once the user/client
has verified who they are, they’ll be granted access to what they’re trying to
access e.g. bank account, Gmail account etc.

u  Call
backs are important and useful as it denies any unauthorised access, using the
call back method is helpful as it keeps every clients identity and information
safe from any type of threat

u  Backup
systems, is making an exact system of an original system used for a company in
another server safely secured so that if the company’s system goes down or gets
corrupted, The company can alternate to the backed up system and quickly start
up the back up system if anything happens to the original

u  An
advantage of back up systems is that if a company e.g. EE, a phone company,
their main system/server that is required to give costumers the internet,
minutes and data they pay for, goes down, so no internet is being given out
causing a lot of customers to leave due to concern about the company and what
the company could lose next. Hence why having a back up system will keep the
company up and running instead of losing costumers

u  A
disadvantage of back up systems is that you have to leave personal details of
costumers in another server, which could be risky as the costumers personal
data could be stolen

u  Whole
system replacement is replacing a personal item like a computer if it happens
to burn or if a hard-drive gets stolen or damaged severely leaving the person
to replace the whole gadget/system

u  There
isn’t really an advantage as the person would lose personal or important,
data/information also the person would have to replace any lost gadget leaving
him/her to lose money

u  A
disadvantage is the person would have to start any work done that isn’t saved
onto a USB/google drive, all over again also if the person lost important work
for his/her job, they could potentially get fired

u  Organisational
tiers are the 7 stages a of recovery done planned by a company in case anything
happens to the company and the data is burned down or lost in a flood or a
natural disaster like an earthquake

u  Tier1:
The data is backed up but there isn’t any mirrored data, meaning the company
would have to make another copy of their system in another server

u  Tier2:
The data is backed up with a mirrored system on another server meaning theirs
another copy of the system

u  Tier3:
Is electronic vaulting meaning crucial data is restored from a hot site as soon
as possible so the company can recover from the disaster faster

u  Tier4:
Is making a copy of the system in present time so the system wouldn’t be late
to the current system so that when its recovered its up to date before it was

u  Tier5:
transaction integrity is when the system is backed up repeatedly so the system
isn’t late or downgraded when it needs recovery

u  Tier6:
this is  when almost no data is lost
because it upgrades the system constantly and this is used by big companies
because crucial data cannot be lost in case costumers would be lost

u  Tier
7: this is an upgraded version of tier 6, it is relatively similar, however the
process is done faster so it helps avoid data loss

u  Disaster
recovery policies is when companies have recovery plan before any disaster take
place due to crucial data being safe and backed up so that costumers wouldn’t
lose their personal data also so that companies wouldn’t lose their
organisational system

u  Planning
a disaster recovery could save the company millions of pounds because planning
is getting ready for any kind of disaster and quickly recovering from it as
soon as possible instead of dealing with the disaster when it happens causing
you to lose millions

u  A
disadvantage could be that planning it could cost the company a lot of money
and if the company doesn’t suffer from a disaster the company then spent money
for no reason



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