Introduction distance. Estimated wait times during peak hours


          The area of Northern Maryland, DC metropolitan, and Southern
Virginia all suffer from massive beltway congestion. Commuters end up spending
hours on the road to cover a small distance. Estimated wait times during peak
hours averaged about 2.5 hours. So, to aid and in hopes of clearing some
congestion the Purple Line metro rail was started.

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Route Line for the Purple Line

            The Purple Line is set to cover a
total of 16.58 miles enabling a direct travel from the Bethesda area all the
way to the New Carrolton area. Performing such a travel would require a
commuter to spend 3-4 hours on the belt way or spend 2.5 hours jumping between
metro lines. So right off the bat it seemed that the purple line would be a
great idea, however; after a 10-year project planning study was deemed
successful design work had finally started after official approval in 2011 and
has a completion goal of 2022.















            The Purple Line project demands a
wide variety of both engineering and architectural expertise. A variety that
could only be found internationally, so different disciplines were found and
hired from across the USA, Britain, and Australia. Atkins, PLTP, and Fluor were
all assigned to the project and each hired their own sub-contractors as needed.

            The key to successful project
integration management is contingent to that various elements of the purple
line project are properly coordinated. A method chosen to fulfill this
requirement was that a local office building was fully rented out and all
workers on the project moved to fulfill their duties there. So, there were
workers from all around moving into the area of Maryland to work on the purple
line. This created an easy communication zone, as instead of calling the person
in need, one could simply go and talk to them. The set office space was chosen
in a lower income area (Riverdale) for decreased overhead costs.



            With a span of 16 miles and a total
of 21 stations authentic project scope management is also crucial. Obviously,
there is too much content for one sole project manager to keep a hold of, so
naturally responsibilities were assigned accordingly. The head manager in
charge had set in tight deadlines close to each other to guarantee that the
work that was being done was the only work needed to be done. There is no extra
chargeable time to spare. Architectural elements were the responsibility of the
set architects, as the rail to the transportation engineers, and as the drain
to the drainage etc. Each discipline had their own team lead that needs to meet
submittal deadlines for each requirement. Teams have to coordinate with one
another and assist each other as needed so that they all achieve one common
goal. Complete the purple line project as soon as possible. Regarding each
team, the team lead will assign the scope of work needed and have it approved
by the project manager and higher management. In some cases, this was not
needed as the government simply listed tasks required for a specific area /
phase.  If required tasks needed
additional time / work the team lead could submit a formal report to the
project manager. The project manager will then discuss with higher management
and the finance team and make a decision that is in favor of the project.


            Historically time is what either
deems a project a great success of an epic failure. So much so that it has been
developed as a rule of thumb; more time means more money. So, what happens when
you have a set budget of tax dollars and private investors? There is no margin
of error in time management. Methods the project manager followed to up keep successful
project time management go as follows: multiple deadlines, inexcusable
tardiness, and constant development checks. By strict implementation all teams
followed and completed submittals as required. Obviously, the world isn’t
perfect and there are bound to be mistakes. For the instances in which mistakes
were at a team’s fault, a formal report must be submitted, and repercussions
will be allotted accordingly. For instances in which they were out of anyone’s
hand it was introduced to higher management and they would take care of the
matter and decide on a course of action. There was one instance in which it was
brought in court that the project was essentially not needed and didn’t follow
environmental codes, the judge ordered a halt in construction until further
notice. Design was ordered to continue normally until told otherwise, as for construction
was forced to wait out the legal hold until further notice. Higher management
brought in the legal team with the proof of concept and proof code abiding
practice and was able to remove the ban in a matter of months. The period was
crucial for construction progress, however given the situation all parties
involved understood and accepted the halt.



            Since time and cost go hand in hand
it is only appropriate that was successful time management follows successful
project cost management. The projected price is now at a whopping 2.37 billion
USD. It gets very easy to waste resources with such a large cost. The way the
system was setup was that workers had a max of 10 hours overtime allotted.
Along with controlled expenditures of travel and accommodation. When applicable
the financial spending course was to pay first and get reimbursed later when
accepted. This insured valued spending and limited fraud. In addition, the
financial team worked hand in hand with the scheduling team to make sure completions
were met with the set cost to date. Any discrepancies were brought to the
attention of the project manager and dealt with accordingly.


            It can get very complicated very
quickly with multiple teams submitting multiple deliverables at multiple
deadlines. The project quality management followed a unique role in that
involving multiple checks from multiple parties at different times. A pdf
software called Bluebeam was utilized to monitor quality assurance. This
enabled select individuals to review the quality of work whenever they decided.
With multiple deadlines set, initial deadlines were for internal checks and
reviews. Followed by later checks conducted by other teams and 3rd
party entities. In addition to even work on the purple line project you must
complete a mandatory assessment and safety checks both with the higher
management and with the state of Maryland. Automated tools were used to publish
sheets on a set schedule to enhance work flow and minimize human error, tool
used for such application was the Clarity server, which allowed for remote and
autonomous project publishing. With the 5-step check process it made it very
hard for incorrect work to be handed over to contractors, and even then, if
there was any misunderstands or anything was not vivid a direct line of
communication was established between designers and contractors to ensure that
the correct course of action was always taken.


Human Resource

            Successfully managing the results of
a project also means successfully managing the people that work on the project
too. Thus, introducing project human resources management. Overall a matrix
structure was used, however; it wasn’t a traditional matrix structure. Teams
could command one another and request information as needed in an appropriate
manner. All teams had to work together seamlessly as they all had one common
goal; completing the purple line. The HR set at the office space took nice and
friendly steps to insure the work environment was adequate for everyone. After
all good quality work meant good quality work space. Coffee and snacks were
given regularly and occasionally there were festive get-togethers to keep
everyone in good moral. In assistance with project HR was a public relations
team, since tax dollars were being used to fund the project it was essential
the public knew what their taxes were being spent on. The HR had helped
consolidate the construction ban with the design team when it happened, as they
couldn’t have designers design a project they themselves never thought was
going to be built. Human resource management helped quality assurance in their
own ways. The project’s human resource team additionally have the
responsibility of taking care of new hires, and enforcing the completion of
safety test and compliance tests and making sure everyone was up to speed and
eligible to work on the project. If there was a mechanical / equipment they
could also refer it to the IT department as needed.  



            Multiple teams that constantly need
information from one another demanded a heavy implementation of project
communication management. Skype business was used primarily as the preferred
method of contact. Team review meetings happened weekly along with weekly office
meetings. Any new changes would be sent to whom it would concern, and updates
to project requirements will be handed to team leads and they will lead their
team accordingly. Everyone had direct contact with the project manager and the
project manager was everyone’s link to higher management should they need it. Company
implemented all disciplines to be under one roof in the same building – ease of
communication was vital to the completion of work to meet deadlines especially
with all the different disciplines. Also, all computers were connected in the
same network with shared drives, utilities, and tools. This was essential
because there was always the need to share substantial amounts of information
in a quick amount of time. Software such as project wise and Revit servers
allowed for such data transmissions easily.



Prior to starting
the project at all there is a common risk prior to commencing any project, is
it needed? Will it succeed? To answer those question a 10-year feasibility
study was conducted prior to the approval of the project. Risk is a joint
function of the two:

1. The likelihood that some
problematical event will occur

2. The impact of the event if it does occur.


Thus: Risk = f (likelihood, impact)


Successful project
risk management demands that Risk management elements and process be

Risk Assessment
Risk response
Risk monitoring
and control.


Main risks that the
project faced was that some groups didn’t want it to succeed. So, they would
always either claim or try to find problems which could slow down the project
or end it. Always having quality work documented and ready with legit verified proof
would always stop any allegations onto whether the project followed set

– Safety Risks: Everyone by company policy and law must
attend and pass safety tests, with periodic retests and meetings, unsafe
behavior was not tolerated. The strict implementation of rules and quality
training let to a very respectable 1,000,000-man hour work time with
zero injuries.

– Social Risks: Public relations team was hired to
account for any public rumors and to give solid public information when needed
and allowed

– Legal:  There was a hold
on construction and certain parties tried to end the project by claiming that
it didn’t follow environmental standards and that it wasn’t even necessary for
the metro line. A team of lawyers were assembled and given proofs and studies
conducted and then the case was dismissed in favor of purple line

– Political:  Since this was both privately and
publicly funded meaning tax payer’s money was being used the public had to know
exactly what was happening with what funding. Financial audits were being
conducted by a third-party entity to insure everything was going smooth and
that tax money being used wasn’t wasted.

– Technical: All and any work must be reviewed with a 5-step
check internally prior to being submitted and then the work is then checked and
reviewed again by a third-party entity and then if needed a question answer
session will be held. This is to insure all, and any information given to
contractors is correct and error free.

– Financial:  Third party entity was hired to
audit the use of tax payer money, and to make checks and balances the allotted
tax money will be sufficient. Regarding investor fund they allocated that a Max
amount of man hours (50 hours Max) be spent per week to make sure work quality
and money spent on wages balanced each other correctly.           




reason for project procurement management is to set up and keep up associations
with sellers of products and enterprises amid the project life cycle. This
special capacity is a basic piece of project management, which is worried about
directing assigned arrangements of temporary operations. Project management for
obtainment reasons for existing is a fundamental piece of production network

procurement process further involves four other processes. They are as follows

The Planning

It was
decided from the start what companies are responsible for what elements along
with the subcontractors they will choose.

Selection Process

The process
was confirmed by a design competition and company history, seeing which
companies had the best work and since this was a public project, the price was
not an initial factor in the initial decision.

Administration Process

The third
significant advance is organization, which refers to the tools and procedures
used to oversee associations with sellers. The organization stage brings about
the persistent production of acquirement reports and spreadsheets that may
drive extend changes. An incorporated arrangement of agreement change
observing, and control will be utilized to assess and decide if potential
changes to contracts are required. There are formal physical examinations,
inward reviews and audits of obtainment operations with a specific end goal to
produce integrated execution reports that give ongoing criticism. The
organization procedure is critical, so it’s typically overseen through store
network or project management programming.


The Closing

The end
procedure isn’t just about consummation acquisition gets; it’s tied in with
noticing shortcomings, recording fruitful procedures and abridging the
undertaking for future needs. A few organizations like to lead straightforward
reviews utilizing execution networks so as to review the general venture.
Documentation is critical for future undertakings, which may include totally
extraordinary groups in new areas. Amid the end procedure, arrangements might
be important to determine contract debate. In a perfect world, potential issues
will be noted amid the organization procedure keeping in mind the end goal to
start the intercession procedure early.


Again, all
disciples with subcontractors worked under one roof to insure good
communication. Separate entities that implemented contractors would meet with
designers to ensure no miscommunications happen and periodically social parties
were held amongst everyone to promote good vibes between workers and an overall
happy work place



            Project stakeholders are elements
that have an interest in each venture. These partners might be inside or
outside an association which: support a project, or have an intrigue or a pick
up upon a successful completion of a venture; may have a positive or negative
impact in the project completion. In this case Project investors hired a
separate entity for additional work review and to track progress of work, since
the purple line is a public project “meaning tax money was funding this” public
relations had to be insured too, so a separate PR team was hired as well. Since
this was for the public this meant also it had to meet environmental standards
too, which meant no disturbance to nature during execution – the public and
anyone involved had to be assured these standards were in place and being
followed. The methodology was that there was already so much money going into
the project it was okay to use a bit more money to ensure that there isn’t a
total loss. The government teamed with private investors for budget reasons to
bring to the public a better sense of living and easier mobility thus enabling
more to work and the overall population to have a better local economy and a
better sense of mobility.




            To conclude; observing just how much
responsibility really sits on top of a hired project manager, one really comes
to admire their managing skills and comes to understand that indeed they
deserve the financial compensation they receive. The purple line is no easy
task, from taking care and making sure everything is good in the office, one
must then worry about constructability, and on top of everything public parties
trying to sabotage the project. So, not only is it very easy to make mistakes,
there are eyes constantly watching waiting for that mistake to be made. 


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