IT several steps to implement IT governance. Private

governance is a formal framework, that provides and ensures organizations to
achieves its goals by effective use of available IT infrastructure and support.
The main objective of IT governance is to align IT actions to achieve goals and
to establish rights who decides what and who is responsible for what in determining
use of IT. It has now become integral part of every organization, reason being
many regulations governing protection of disaster recovery, accountability, and
confidential information. For best practices and control and to meet internal
and external requirements from stakeholders and customers, so each organization
is taking several steps to implement IT governance.

and public sector uses IT governance, they always make sure IT functions
support business objectives and their strategies. To implement a full-fledged
governance in an organization it undoubtedly takes time and effort. There are many
available frameworks to choose from and some most commonly used are CMMI (The
Capability Maturity Model Integration), ITIL (Information Technology
Infrastructure Library), FAIR (Factor Analysis of Information Risk), COSO
(Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission) and COBIT.
Each framework helps us determine IT department functioning, what metrics management
need to follow, and what IT gives back to business. Based on that, an
organization need to determine which framework suits their business best. It is
also very important to measure and monitor progress of the IT governance
implementation in the initial stages.

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effective IT governance always maintains a focus on decisions to improve their
performance. For which, the governance program must always have clear goals and
outcomes. Without clear and complete understanding of desired outcomes, it is difficult
for governance program to define the scope with compliance to any requirements.
SEs can collaborate with customers to decide and implement IT solutions to attain
success bases on their needs.

achieve high impact and value from IT governance, one must focus on three areas:

1.     IT
Governance should support the organizations goals by making proper and
effective decisions.

2.     IT
Governance should be aware of who to be held accountable for making those
decisions and identify them accordingly.

3.     For
sound decision making, governance requires a structure or framework that
defines processes, roles and responsibilities, and policies.

better resource optimization and risk optimization in an organization,
following the standard rules and best practices of IT governance can be very
helpful, it depends on the size of organization to wisely choose the model. IT
solutions must be confined to goals defined by the organization and to the
allocation resources provided to them to meet their goals. They should have
clear idea of the intended strategic goals. IT governance provides focus and creates
a path to meet information management challenges. To implement IT governance,
there are many approaches depending on results business trying to achieve as
well as the business culture and their strategies. They should review governance
approaches and practices to be effective, and some of the important elements to
focus are:

1.     Well-communicated
strategic goals.

2.     IT
governance must have well-defined roles and responsibilities.

3.     Planned
review of IT governance practices.

4.     More
information transparency.

governance helped to reduce fraud and failure of many organizations by simply
following certain objectives and available frameworks.





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