Mattress refilled internally with water instead of springs


 Mattress is an Arabic word (ma?ra?), meaning “something thrown down” or “place where something is thrown down” and that leads to “mat, cushion”.


   Mattresses are large pad generally placed on a hard surface giving comfort to tired, lethargic body. Mattresses generally made up of a heavy cloth case i.e. fastened and stuffed with cotton, foam, straw and sometimes framework of springs.

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Mattresses consists of two layers – i} Core (support layer)

                                                        ii} Upholstery (comfort/cushioning layer)

1st) Insulator layer

2nd) Middle upholstery

3rd) Quilt

2 above mentioned layers are wrapped in a thick fabric called ticking.


Types of mattresses generally found in the market:-




 A three layered mattress with top and bottom covered by a) upholstery layer with middle consisting b) spring core.

a)    Upholstery layer:  gives comfort and cushioning


i)             Insulator layer – separates  mattress core from middle

                           upholstery, made up of mesh / fibre.


ii)            Middle upholstery – lies in between insulator and quilt, made up

                                of polyurethane foam, visco-elastic foam, latex



iii)           Quilt – the topmost layer, made of light foam stitched with



b)    Core: supports sleeper’s body, made of steel coil springs or coils.


i)             Bonnell coils, oldest and most common in the market since 19th


ii)            Offset coils, some hourglass type coil in which the top and

                     bottom convolutions have been flattened.

iii)           Continuous coils, manufactured in such a way that the rows of

                      coils are formed from a single piece of wire.

iv)           Marshall coils, thin-gauge , barrel-shaped, knotless coils

                      individually encased in fabric pockets.






Foam mattress


 This are of varying weights and densities of petrochemical-based flexible polyurethane foams/ visco-elastic foams / memory foam and latex rubber foams.


i.              Latex foam, blend of latex Hevea brasiliensis tree and synthetic latex, derived from petrochemicals, other substances and fillers.


ii.            Memory foam, made up of polyurethane base foam, this kind of foam are affected by temperature i.e. in a cool bedroom mattress will be little bit firmer than warmer room.


iii.           High density foam are alike memory foam mattresses, made up of polyurethane, this kind of foam have a large open cells packed together tightly.


Bladder mattresses


 This kind of mattresses are boon to science technologies, any form of fluids can be used for filling, so that it can be used for bedding purpose; sometimes this bladders are filled with water or simple air. On this theory there are of two types

i)             Air mattress – little bit costly and very much handy for camping. Made up of latex or vinyl.

ii)            Waterbeds – refilled internally with water instead of springs or air.



Mattresses trending according to consumer reports:-


   Best innerspring mattress

Sealy Performance Collection

  Sealy performance collection a property of Sealy’s “Posturepedic” technology, and popular over years, traditionally got good reviews for its comfort and sleeping, in accordance with the body posture. Sealy Performance mattresses covers 10 years warranty.


   Best memory foam mattress


  Tempur-Pedic, leading brand in the memory foam mattresses and praised over years by happy owners. The brand uses quality foam confirm each person’s shape, weight and body temperature providing individual comfort and reducing partner’s body movement distraction. The company gives 10 years warranty.






   Best foam mattress


  It’s a new trend in the market i.e. of foam mattresses,  it can be bought online, used, and returned with no hassle. So the brand Casper is simply leading for this kind of mattresses for its good balance of firmness, support, stability, making it the best choice for any willing buyer.


   Best latex mattress

Sleep On Latex- Pure Green

  The company Sleep on Latex came up with new range of mattress i.e. Pure Green in 2013, still on trending, it promises good sleep for side and back sleepers of all size, and very much durable. Available only via online, with free shipping, as are returns, but must be within 100 days of the receipt.


   Best mattress for back pain

Sleep Number

  This company come with a very unique idea of adjustable mattress giving soothing effect to the persons suffering from back pain. This product comes with a 25 years of warranty.


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