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Most of the tasks that you are delaying are actually simple. You have enough skills and talent to carry them out, but you just avoid starting for one reason or another.The rule of 2 minutes consists of a couple of parts and helps to overcome the tightening and laziness. Look into it and you can not say no.If the task takes less than 2 minutes – just do it!This idea is widely known from the bestseller David Allen (David Allen) “How to put things in order.” The Art of Productivity without Stress. “Think about how many things that we constantly put off, fit in two minutes or less. For example, it’s not at all difficult to wash several plates right after eating, without waiting for the shell to overflow. A daily short-term cleaning of the mess in the house will avoid a long raking up of debris at the end of the week. Did you see a birthday reminder? Congratulate with a call or message right now. Tomorrow will not be ashamed of the forgotten birthday boy.Is there a serious goal? A quick 2-minute start will not let it get lost!Of course, not all your plans can be implemented in two minutes. But each goal can be launched in 2 minutes or less. Why start if I still do not finish? The answer is given by the second part of the rule.Everything lies in the ordinary course of the processes of our life. From the course of physics we are well aware that the body remains in peace until then, until it is set in motion. The rule applies to a person. Once you start doing something, it will be much easier to continue. Common examples. You decided to look in the fridge and have a bite of a sandwich, but in the end we ate a week’s supply of food. I like the rule of 2 minutes because it’s also easier to acquire various useful habits.Want to make reading a habit? For two minutes, master the first few pages. You will not notice how the chapters will fly!Do you want to start playing sports? Make a number of push-ups. It will be easier for you to make your body tense the next time!


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