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Nowadays, having a WiFi is a necessity. Especially for teenagers who love surfing Social Media Platforms like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, or for entrepreneurs who use Skype and Gmail to communicate with their clients. Yet, when the internet on your phone takes forever to load, then it’ll surely cause some mayhems on your agendas. Every smartphone experience this event, and the new LG G7 is not an exception.LG G7 users stated that when they’re using Google Now, their screen keeps freezing on the “Recognizing….” page then eventually redirects to the page that says “Can’t reach Google at the moment.” The culprit behind this event is that you’re no longer connected to the Internet.However, upon checking your modem and you can see that the WiFi signal is still strong but the one on your phone is slow, it’ll lead you to frustration. Luckily, Recomhub never fails in making you happy all the time and in this article, we’ll be showing you how to solve the LG G7’s WiFi issue.Possible Fixes for your LG G7’s WiFi Issue:Performing a Factory ResetForget the Password of your WiFi Network then Reconnect againRestart your Router/ModemShifting from DHCP to Static Connection on PhoneShifting DNS to Google’s Addresses on PhoneTweaking your Router Bandwidth SettingsTweaking your Router’s Broadcast ChannelTweaking the Modem/Router Security Settings and even Disabling SecurityContacting your ISP and upgrading to a Higher Bandwidth/SpeedMost of the time, the methods stated above will help fix the WiFi connection Issue on your LG G7. Yet if somehow the connection is still slow, wiping the cache partition completely should solve the problem. The process won’t delete any data on your phone. The message, videos, and pictures aren’t deleted and will be up for keeps. To perform “Wipe Cache Partition” can be accessed in the Android recovery mode. To know more on how to do this, go to this link how to clear G7 cache.How to fix slow wifi on LG G7:Shut down your phoneSimultaneously press the Home, volume up and Power button Wait for a few seconds. Once the V20 vibrates, you have entered the Recovery ModeBrowse for the option “Wipe Cache Partition” then activate itIt’ll take a while for it to finish. Once done, you can reboot your LG G7 by pressing “reboot system now”


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