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On the
morning of August 6th, 1991 the world was changed forever.  From then on, an Internet would take over society
as we know it. Social media has become one of the fastest upcoming trends to
follow and is gathering a larger audience each and every day.  To completely understand media’s benefits
towards society, one would need to first learn about its origins. Media began
to merge into our everyday lives towards the end of the 20th
century.  The 20th century
proved to be a highly developmental period for technology.  Our modern day social media is still a fairly
modern idea, meaning that its publicity has only recently become a worldwide
sensation.  The first known social media
network broke the technological surface in 1997. Society as a whole has
advanced further and further from its original position. The increasingly
modernizing society is a seemingly never-ending network of gadgets and gizmos
and its influence is inevitable.  Both
today’s youth and adults are becoming increasingly infatuated with the idea and
are implementing social media into their day-to-day lives. With the invention
of the Internet, came the creation of social media outlets, in which one is
able to connect to friends, family, and meet new people.

impact of social media on modern-day society largely influenced the way in
which news and voices travel. Media has given people a chance to have a larger
voice and aids in helping them to become a relevant influence to younger
generations.  An article published by
Amsource Technology discusses impacts such as aid in business and raising
awareness as well as media’s ability to allow regular people the chance to have
their voice heard.  Social media is a key
source of knowledge and significant information. Amsource speaks largely on the
topic of awareness and goes on to say, “…social media and networking has made
it easier to access information around the world…” displaying a major effect
of social media’s influence. A prime example of the awareness spread can be
seen within the large Internet phenomenon of the summer of 2014.  During that summer, attention was brought to
Lou Gehrig’s disease. This “ALS” Ice Bucket Challenge raised over fifteen
million dollars for the ALS Association, and in turn created a large following
and also an enormous medical opportunity to help those with the disease.  The media is not only promoting the awareness
of multiple diseases, but it also allows the public to take a glimpse into
medial advancements around the world. In Huffington Post’s article, “Social
Media Makes An Impact on Society,” author Jay Scott discusses that a popular
upcoming hash tag called “StirForACure” is helping to promote fundraising for
children with cancer, thus expanding the awareness aspect.

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media also has the ability to open up new forms of communication.  Rather than only talking in person, media
allows people to communicate through instant messages, voicemail, and text
messaging.  Social media and advancements
in technology grant the ability to keep in touch with friends and family, no
matter what distance may separate them. 
In today’s day and age, getting ahold of someone is as easy as knowing
their name.  Many believe that
communication has become obsolete since the rise of media, but in all
actuality, it seems that it has only transformed into a new way of
communicating. Along the lines of communication, social media has become a very
popular platform for many people to let their voice be heard.  Since its start in 2005, YouTube has
gradually risen into an online community. 
Many people have been able to develop a following and even a career from
making videos on the Internet. An article posted online by Amsource Technology
even went as far to propose “It is far easier
to do something remarkable, noticeable and have it reach people across the
planet than it had at any other time in history.”  Out of those well-known “YouTubers” the
majority got their start from simply wanting to get their word out.  Those who have made an impact on the social
media platform are able to act as a large, usually positive, influence among
modern-day youth.  One benefactor that
creates a positive outlook on social media is that information is so easily
accessible.  Topics such as presidential
debates or pressing news issues can become known worldwide within minutes.  Social media sites not only provide articles
on current news, but they also provide those viewing said issues a chance to
produce their own input.  Today, over fifty
percent of major news is found via social media and in 2012, social media
revenue surpassed printed newspaper revenue. 
In its still newly developing state, social media has already become the
3rd most used platform for news distribution.  Unlike other platforms, however, the people
mostly run social media.  Cellphones
cameras can go where television crews cannot and more people means more news
topics, no matter how large or small. 
Media is an important part in today’s political campaigns.  Those running for presidential positions are
able to connect with their followers on a more personal level and also discuss
major points within their campaign and help to simplify such ideas within an
140-character limit.  Businesses are also
affected by the rise of social media. 
Today, one picture posted on Instagram is equivalent to what used to be
thousands of dollars in advertisement. Since many people are already involved
with social media, companies can easily target their most popular demographic
and cater to that crowd. Return On Now discussed in an article titled “How Social Media Has
Changed Us: The Good and The Bad” says that social media levels the playing
field between big and small businesses and goes to say that not only the cream
of the crop “rule the roost.”

Social media also plays an important role
in a personal sense. It allows people to reconnect with those that they have
grown distant from as well as aid in meeting new personalities.  In the past few years, online dating has
become extremely popular.  In fact,
according to an article published by the Huffington Post, online dating is now
the second most popular way of matchmaking in the America.  Through online mingling, potential dates are
able to get to know one other based on commonalities rather than solely based
on appearance.  Also, the initial
nervousness of going on a date with a stranger is largely wiped away by the
fact that each person knows at least some bit of what the other’s personality
is like. Social media provides a modernized twist on societal dating standards
in which seems to be mostly beneficial. 
Along those lines, social media is able to present one with a plethora
of new friends.  By simply logging into
an account, a mass of friendly faces is supplied to the user.  While many would say that having hundreds of
virtual friends is not much to brag about, many forget that there are people
behind the faces on the screen and thus, are friends nevertheless.  Many are able to connect over similar
interests on the Internet and go on to discuss their views on the topic, in
turn, forming new friendships. In addition to new friends, social media allows
old friends to be able to contact one another and catch up on time lost.  Tracking down a past acquaintance or family
member is as easy as one, two, Google. 
Studies have shown that social media also produces a spike in one’s
confidence. The mostly positive feedback one receives from posting a picture of
themselves and others helps to boost their self-esteem and is shown to help
youth break out of the shell that encompasses them during the awkward time of

            In less than two decades, social
media has grown to be a vital part of modern-day society. It serves as a
futuristic influence on the youth of today because it promotes a knowledgeable
environment.  Everyday, social media’s
followers grow larger and larger and soon, social media will be a key
identifier of the society in which we will live. From its rise in the late
1900s, social media has only grown virtually, while those who take part in its
many advances are growing right along side of it. Sources such as CNBC and INC.

have predicted that social media will continue to build on itself, recycling
old ideas and modernizing them to become new again.  It seems that the media frenzy is here to
stay due to the fact that there will always be a “bigger and better” device or
application. A new world has come about, both in the virtual sense and in the
reality sense and social media is its basis.



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