One children came across to the Lilli doll

One of the most famous icon in United states is Barbie Millicent Roberts also known as “Barbie” in this world. The history of Barbie started when Ruth Handler, Barbie’s creator noticed her daughter playing with paper dolls of adult women and then realized that playing with the doll makes little girls imagine and dream of what they want in the future. The doll made her first appearance at the American International Toy Fair on March 9, 1959 in New York and it was a hit. However, Barbie’s success has gone down. There have been various of controversies, and a number of issues. All throughout the 58 years of the world’s famous doll existence, there is a lot of change in her style, hair color and body shape in those years; and it affects people mostly young girls and their culture in negative ways. So, what would happen if Barbie was launched in a different time. Would it be that successful? Barbie is a fashion doll that every young girl in America and other countries have. The doll is manufactured by the American toy company called Mattel, Inc. Ruth Handler is ascribed with the creation of Barbie using a German doll name Bild Lilli as her inspiration. Just like Barbie, Bild Lilli is an adult figured doll. She is a working girl who knew what she wanted in life. The Lilli doll was first sold in Germany, and although it was initially sold to adult women, it became popular with young girls who enjoyed dressing her up. Ruth Handler and her children came across to the Lilli doll when they went to Europe and the doll was exactly what she had in mind. As she went back to the United States, Handler reworked the design of the doll, therefore the idea of Barbie was born. Over the years, from the first Barbie with curly bangs to the variety of new hair colors and style, Barbie fashion and face has certainly adjusted to the present times. The first iconic doll wore a black stripe swimsuit with a topknot ponytail and it was sold in blonde and brunette hair. The doll looks pale with hard angled eyebrows. Around 300,000 Barbie dolls were sold during its first-year production (Masunaga). Barbie is not an ordinary toy. In 1960’s, the male version of Barbie also known as “Ken” had its launch. Basically, Ken is Barbie’s boyfriend. He has a blonde hair and wears red swimming trunks. Along with Barbie’s boyfriend launch, Mattel Inc. also introduces Barbie’s black friend named Christie. Also, in 1960’s Barbie’s make-up became softer and she had shorter hairstyles. During the year 1971 Ruth Handler changed Barbie’s appearance especially the eyes. She adjusted it to look forward rather than sideways and her lashes grew longer. In 1980’s and 1990’s, Barbie works as a teacher, doctor, astronaut, pilot, police officer, baseball player, NBA player, veterinarian, lifeguard, UNICEF ambassador, firefighter, ballerina and many more. With all of those jobs Barbie has, her physical appearance is still changing. Her eyes became bluer, her lips are thinner, but still wears heavy make-up. Mattel Inc. launches a line called “President Barbie” in 2000s and her make-up became more neutral. Up to the present time, Barbie collection is still changing although this year’s her face looks fresher. Additionally, the doll has been created in hundreds of different nationalities. Now, Barbie has evolved to new body types, skin tones, eye colors, hairstyles, numerous fashion trends and accessories. Barbie is changing everything in herself physically to become a hit to the audience. Barbie was intended to give little girls the idea that they could be anything they wanted to be, but the physical appearance of Barbie gave the little girls’ different ideas. Handler believe that Barbie functions as a self-imagining toy. Girls from ages two to twelve owns at least one or more Barbie dolls and when people heard the word “Barbie” they think of a tall skinny supermodel with a perfect waist, hair, clothes, and life. If Barbie would be real she would have a height of 6 feet, 100 pounds, 39 inches bust, a waist of 19 inches, and size three in shoes (Olson). Barbie influenced its audience in a negative way. Young girls are playing with a doll that has a perfect body, enormous breasts, long legs and tiny waist. A body that we could never have. A doll that gives girls unrealistic body images. With Barbie influence, people go out with the high expectation of society having a Barbie image. In addition, Cindy Jackson went through twenty plastic surgeries and spent over eight thousand dollars on it in her ambition to be like Barbie; becoming the perfect woman. Cindy Jackson said, “I wanted to be Barbie. I wanted the soft, feminine look-big eyes, soft lips, smooth skin. Now I am Barbie. I’m just as plastic as she is. And it’s wonderful” (Jackson). Barbie was released to the world in a revealing outfit with full accessories and wearing makeup all the time. With her red or pink lips, on fleek eyebrows, different hair style and color is the image that young girls look up to. Barbie had everything, knew everything and could do everything. She even has a countless job without going to school. Barbie’s gives bad influences to society because they are a stereotype woman. They also give men false perceptions of women and they cause self-esteem issues in girls at young ages. Barbie has been out all over the world. Mattel Inc. made an African American and Hispanic Barbie’s to be culture, race sensitive and to just stop the criticism. However, the people’s response is negative, to the point that some other countries banned the doll. One example is in Saudi Arabia. They believe that the doll is a threat to morality. Muslims find it offensive that Barbie is wearing revealing clothes with shameful postures. Also, Barbie was banned in Iran. Toy shops selling Barbie dolls are forced to close by the police. Mattel Inc. sells a Barbie dolls known for its wearing swimsuits, miniskirts, and sexy shirts in a society where women must wear a headscarf, body should be covered with loose clothes, and men and women are not allowed to swim together or to be together unless married. Despite the banned of the Barbie dolls, Iran released dolls who are have more traditional values with proper clothing. Barbie was born in a perfect time. In the toy industry, Barbie was the most successful product that was ever made. She was born in a generation where girls would play with traditional toys and not with technologies. The toy company, Mattel, Inc. has sold over a billion of Barbie dolls since it was launched, although the sales went down since 2014 until now. Generally, it is because kids are overwhelmed with technology. According to the poll survey, playing in technologies beat out traditional toys such as dolls. Smartphones, iPads, TVs, computers, and videogames are what children love nowadays, and so, Barbie would not be that successful if it was launched today and young girls wouldn’t have been dreaming to be like a perfect doll, Barbie. In conclusion, Barbie is still representing the same American dream and aspirations as when she was first introduced in 1959. Mattel Inc. may have tried making the doll more culturally inspired by changing the physical appearance of the doll but still it did not work out. Also, Barbie dolls should not be idolized because they make believe that young girls should be perfect just to be viewed as beautiful in the society. However, despite the effort of the toy manufacturer to make the doll more attractive worldwide, they still target the same audience as when they started. One day, optimistically Matten Inc. could start producing dolls that are more likely real women, so that young girls could look up to a realistic doll after all she is just a toy.


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