Red volunteer women and girls were gathering aid

Red Crescent Center for Women made various artistic organizations such
as theater, opera, show, concerts, exhibitions and proms. These kinds of
activities provide the collecting of cash aid and raise the morale of the
people. Another important activity carried out by the society was flower sales.
Akyurt says that the first day of Ramadan Bairam in 1913 accepted as Red
Crescent Flower Day. The volunteer women and girls were gathering aid by giving
Red Crescent Flower badges.1 (See

The Red
Crescent Center for Women also used the press effectively to encourage the
Ottoman women to work for defense of their homeland. An announcement which was
published in February 27th 1915 in Tanin newspaper is one of the
most obvious sign of this endeavor. In this announcement, The Red Crescent
Society Center of Women calls on the Ottoman Women to work for their motherland
by saying “Do not make your hands and arms dysfunctional” (Ellerinizi
kollar?n?z? mutel k?lmay?n?z).2
Calling for the help also made by using newspapers. For example, Women’s Branch
of Red crescent Society published an announcement in Tanin in 13February 1914
to increase the donations. These calls made using the press have increased the
participation of women to activities of association. At this point, Nicole Van Os
says that;

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 “The Society
launched a strong public campaign through regular dispatches of announcements,
messages and communiqués to the newspapers, the many public lectures of Besim
Ömer and other members of the Hilal-i Ahmer, the publication of photographs and articles in
popular magazines such as Servet-i Fünun by popular authors like Fatma Aliye, and the
“vulgarization of the work of the Red Crescent through illustrated post cards.”3

1              Akyurt, “Birinci Dünya Sava??’nda
Osmanl?, p.421.

2             “Osmanl? Hilal-i Ahmer Cemiyeti
Han?mlar Heyeti Merkeziyesinden.” Tanin,
27 February 1915.

3              Nicole Van Os,
“Gendering Jihad: Ottoman Muslim Women,” p.168. 


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