Sangabathula thinking about suicide. Social media impacts an

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Sahith V. Sangabathula                                                                                                         

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Professor Kevin Bancroft
and Rachel Person

10th Grade
Literature and Composition

26th January


            “Suicide is not the answer.”, is the saying that
adolescents hear by every adult out there. Many adolescents in this generation
are depressed and taking their own life due to menial problems. According to
quote, “Suicide is the second leading cause of death among youth of 15-19
years.”, (Seymour pg. 247) introduces the concept that suicide affects an ample
amount of people in this age group. Problems such as emotional experiences,
social media, and most importantly, bullying. Adolescents now always want
specific events to happen their way rather than how life goes. Thus, when life
puts them down, they don’t get back up. They decide to stay down, become
depressed and soon, take their own life. Adolescent suicide is caused by many
situations such as emotions, social media, bullying and a copious amount of
inferior reasons.


            A reason that this essay could be incorrect could be that
not everyone can be affected by these reasons or could not be depressed at all.
People could be happy and it could not affect their lives. Another reason could
be that some people may not be thinking about suicide. Social media impacts an
adolescent’s life to a great extent. It can affect negatively or positively,
based on what



the teenager looks at.
According to quote, “Social media is a relatively new phenomenon that has swept
the world during the past decade.”, (Luxton S195) explains how big social media
and how well known it has been in the past decade. Hence, social media is very
well known as it is also used by many people in the world, including
adolescents. Adolescents use social media such as Instagram and snapchat to
talk to friends or just want to look cool. Once they view their friend’s account,
they feel depressed because their friend’s life is much better than his or her
life. According to quote, “Suicide is a considerable public health problem;
more than 30,000 suicide deaths in the United States and nearly 1 million
suicide deaths worldwide occur every year.”, (Luxton S195) introduces the
concept that social media is to be taken very seriously because many people
take their own life because of social media.


            Adolescents take emotional experiences as a reason to
commit suicide. For example, if an adolescent’s parents are going through a
divorce, the adolescent’s mind tells him or herself that it is their own fault
for divorcing. According to quote, “In fact, worldwide at least 100,000 youth
kill themselves each year. According to the Centers for Disease Control Youth
Risk Study (2011), 7.8 % of US high school students report at least one suicide
attempt in the past 12 months, and approximately 16 % have seriously considered
suicide in the past year.”, explains that adolescents die each year due to
emotional experiences. Another way adolescents take their own life through
emotional experiences is that they start developing disorders such as Major
Depressive Disorder (MDD), Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), or even
worse disorder such as Sadistic Personality Disorder (SPD). According to quote,
“Given high rates of


both MDD and GAD in our
sample and prior literature demonstrating aberrant emotional face processing in
these populations, as a secondary aim we examined the role of MDD and GAD on emotional
face recognition ability.”, (Seymour pg. 247) indicates that adolescents with
MDD and GAD have difficulty in expressing their emotions.

only many people, but many sources, think that bullying is the number one cause
of suicide. According to quote, “Bullying can be defined as an aggressive act
that is carried out by a group or an individual repeatedly and over time
against a victim who cannot easily defend himself or herself.”, (Bannink pg.1)
defines the word. In other words, bullying is when a group or a person inflicts
harm physically or emotionally repeatedly to an individual. Bullying is not
good because it can change a victim’s life forever. Furthermore, there is a lot
that comes to bullying. According to quote, “Bullying has been defined as
having 3 elements: aggressive or deliberately harmful behavior (1) between
peers that is (2) repeated and over time and (3) involves an imbalance of
power…” (Shain pg. e2) introduces the 3 elements of bullying and describes what
they are. Even now, there are many suicides due to past bullying experiences.
Adolescents develop mental illnesses such as CVA or MDD because of bullying.

take their lives for very menial events, and it aggrandizes by the day. For
example, adolescents take their lives due to emotional events, social media,
and bullying. “Suicide is not the answer”, is what adolescents hear and it is
not the answer to any of these reasons. Suicide is a permanent solution to a
temporary problem. These and many other reasons are the reasons adolescents are
taking their own lives.



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