Steve had been in Europe during this period,

Steve Reich’s Different Trains   Steve Reich is considered as one of the most orginal and influencial living composer, His composition from 1988 Different Trains is the most famous and most talked-about among his other compositions and won a Grammy Award in 1989 for the best Contemporary Classical Music. Without following the conservative concept of the western classical music this composer experimented with electronic devices and took advantage of the audio technology to structure this composition. Talking about this music in my own opinion I felt more realistic, because the theme is based on real incidents and we can feel different emotions such as nostalgia, insecurity, and finally hope while listening. I will be analysing more of the use of computer technology, social and philosophical influences and some of the musicality in this music.   Steve Reich was born on october3, 1930 in New York city. His parents separated when he was one year old. During his childhood he had to travel back and forth between New York and Los Angeles to visit his parents. These journeys from 1939 to 1942 that he made and his Jewish faith influenced him to make this piece. He said that: “I now look back and think that, if I had been in Europe during this period, as a Jew I would have had to ride on very different trains. With this in mind I wanted to make a piece that would accurately reflect the whole situation.” Different Trains is about three different train journeys during World War ll, based on this Different Trains has three movements, which are the following: America-Before the War (first movement) Europe-During the War (second movement) After the War (third movement)    “Different Trains” was first performed by the Koronos Quartet at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, on the 2nd November, 1988. The piece is written for a live string quartet, including two prerecorded string quartet, sampled voices, and sampled train train sounds from 1930’s and 1940’s. Some of the vocal sections are taken from interviews which conducted by Steve Reich himself. 


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