Taylor making songs. Then a couple months or

Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer
and songwriter. Most of her songs are based on her real life. She is 5’10, she
was born on December 13,1939. Her parents are Andrea swift and Scott Kinsley

Did you know that Taylor Swift’s
favorite number is 13. Did you know that every time she would have a concert
she would have the number 13 written on her hand.  Taylor swift has made many songs most of
recent songs have hit a bit of an edge.

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Now Imagine this you’re a country
girl who most people like than something happens and you just STOP. No one
knows what happened you just stop writing and making songs. Then a couple
months or years later you come back and you songs are different instead of
singing Country you sing a kind of hate song.

For example, Did you know that Taylor
Swifts new song “Look what you made me do” was making fun of many other artist
in her video? But most of the people she is bad mouthing is herself.

In the beginning of the video Taylor
get out from a grave wearing what she wore from her song “out of the woods” and
in the video in the beginning in the background on a grave it says “Taylors
Reputation” implying that the past her is dead just as she says in the video
when she is on the phone saying ” Sorry the old Taylor can’t come to the
phone…. why?…………. Because she’s dead.” So Boom.

 Also on the back tombstone it says on it Nils
Stoberg which was her code name for when she was with Calvin Harris. One of her
many boyfriends named Tom Huddleston and her were seen at the beach together
and I know what your thinking… so.. but when they were at the beach he was
caught wearing a “I heart T.S.” which in her video a bunch of men were wearing
while dancing with Taylor. 

When Taylor is in the fancy car she
is wearing clothing with animal patters which everyone knows is Katy Perry’s
thing. And also when she is dancing in the room with the men wearing the crop
tops. She is mimicking Beyoncé also  when
she swings the bat. Anyway that’s enough of her new video look what you made me

Anyway, some of the things I like about Taylor
Swift is are her old songs. One of my favorites is Love story. Its an old song
about her In love with a guy but they can’t be together because her parent
forbid it but that doesn’t stop them they sneak away and… watch the video to
see the rest. It is a really good video, even better lyrics and a  classical love story.


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