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The practice of measuring and analyzing marketing performances in order to increase its effectivenessand get maximum return is known as “marketing analytics”. All successful marketers are well informedin the area of “properly analyzing their various markets” in every way it concerns them. This involvesstudying the attractiveness and the dynamics of the chosen market in a chosen industry. For moreinformation on marketing analytics, below is a list of the top ten important videos on marketinganalytics that professional marketers must watch for the purpose of gaining more knowledge andresources.1. THE MARKETING ANALYTICS MATURITY MODEL: WHERE YOU ARE AND HOW TO ADVANCE by Daniel LevineEnlightened marketers, these days use a large number of technological tools, some of which areemail service providers, ad platforms, web analytics etc. with the effective application of allthese tools, it is close to impossible to to have a clear view of what is going on in your customersbusiness. Daniel Levine said in his write up that “it’s hard to overstate the importance ofanalytics for a marketing team. However, there’s an enormous difference between basicreporting, and much more sophisticated approaches like predictive analysis. Most teams aredoing something in between”. This video walks us through the four stages of marketing analyticmaturity, that’s why its number one on the top 10 videos on marketing analytic. To watch thisvideo click here: analytics-maturity-model-where- you-are- and-how- to-advance/MARKET ANALYSIS by Danny AbramovichDanny Abramovich ha an academic degree in marketing, graduated from Lyon Graduate School ofBusiness, Lyon, France and also the Lausanne Hotel Management chool, Lausanne, Switzerland.Market analytics and analysis are related since they both involve getting to know your customersand potential customers. A market analysis involves an in depth assessment of a market. It takesinto consideration the size of the market, both in volume and in relative value, the various segmentsof customers, and the pattern of purchase, also the competition in that particular market and theeconomic environment in terms of rules and regulations. When drafting the market analysis of yourbusiness, you must include industry description and outlook.This video describes the need to define the various kinds of market which your activity belongs toand to be able to estimate the level of competition of this market. This video teaches a techniquethat allows you to do so. To watch this video, click here: .MARKET ANALYSIS – MARKET SHARE by James SlocombeMarket shares can either be in the form of value or volume. Market share based on the totalamount of shares of a company out of its total segment sales is known as value market share,while the actual number of unit that a company sells out of the total products sold in the marketis known as volume shares. This explanatory video describes market share as a part of marketanalysis. It explains that market share indicates how well a firm is doing in the market placecompared to its competitors, and it also explains how researches have given a clearer picture ofthis model. To watch this interesting and important video, click here: .4. MARKETING ANALYSIS – THE STARBUCKS EXPERIENCE by Thang DongThis video explains the three pieces of “the Starbucks Experience”: ‘the connection between thecustomer and the store environment’, ‘the persuasion of the drink’, the drink itself’. To get moreunderstanding about the Starbucks Experience click here to watch the video: .5. MARKETING ANALYTICS AND METRICS by Lucinda StanleyLucinda Stanley is very experienced in business and information technology and also has a PhDin education. This video gives an in depth understanding on marketing analytics and metrics andprediction in analytics. It also describes how they are used today in the marketing field.Organizations measure the effectiveness of their marketing strategies using marketing analytics,through thorough analysis of their strategies and properly managing them to ensure that thecompany is getting maximum results from their investment. This video also emphasize on the”customers acquisition cost”, which is the total amount/number of marketing dollars it normallycosts to gain the attention/interest of a new customer. Lucinda went to give examples that willmake the concept of customer acquisition cost more understandable. To watch this video clickhere: metrics.html .6. MARKETING ANALYTICS: SEGMENTATION AND TESTING by Adriaan BritsAs a marketer it is very important to understand the act of testing and segmenting marketing.Analytics has always been recognized and welcomed as a digital marketer’s toolkit. In this videoAdriaan shows how to optimize your campaigns by segmentation and also by testing them. Withreal examples he also explains how to analyze your results. He goes over the variance betweenplanned and retroactive segmentation, and he shows an excellent way in which marketers cango about these concepts to effectively organize workflow. He goes ahead to show how to set upsections for testing. Some of the topics included in this video are: the difference betweenplanned and retroactive segmentation, setting up segments for testing in Google analytics,testing the popularity of website content with behavioral segmentation, how analytics revealsocial segments and testing segment conversion rate and performance. To gain more knowledgewatch video here: tutorials/Marketing-Analytics-Segmentation-Testing/531410- 2.html .7. DIGITAL ANALYTICS FOR MARKETING PROFESSIONALS: MARKETING ANALYTICS IN PRACTICE by university of IllinoisDigital analytics involves the qualitative and quantitative analysis of data both your business andits competition. It helps you know a better way to reach your existing customers and potentialcustomers. You have to analyze the competition to drive a continuous improvement of theexperience your customers and potential customers have (you have to be consistent), this willtranslate into your dully desired income. The theory and the foundation of marketing analyticsare based on life applications. This video gets us familiar with digital marketing. This orientationalso helps in developing and obtaining technical skills required for being successful as amarketer. It lays out the marketing analysis process which is a step by step procedure forconducting a thorough digital data analysis. There is a lot to learn from this video, that is why itis one of the top ten videos on marketing analytics. To learn more on digital analytics as amarketer click here: analytics-in- practice .8. WHY MARKETING ANALYTICS? By University of VirginiaA lot of organizations are well informed and equipped with information’s about their customersas well as potential customers. However that wealth of knowledge/information most of the timedoes not translate into better decision making. The major challenge has always been datainterpretation. Knowing how to interpret customer is not always very easy, and marketerswithout patience have no business here. This video gives you an insight on the tools to measurebrand and customer’s assets, understand regression analysis, and design experiments as a wayto rate and optimize marketing campaign. The attention to details observed in this video is whatmakes it among the top ten videos on marketing analytics. To watch this video click here:9. MARKETING ANALYTICS: PRESENTING DIGITAL MARKETING DATA by Adriaan BritsIn this course/video I have learned and I know you will also learn how to present digitalmarketing data effectively from Google analytics to your stakeholders. Adriaan explain thevarious ways of structuring digital marketing reports, and illustrates the most used reportcomment. Adriaan Brits also utilize his broad knowledge and experience in marketing analytics,analysis and marketing by explaining how to interpret data and use hedging words andvisualization within Google analytics to present your data in a more acceptable, and impactfulway. He goes on to make real life illustrations, making this concept and all discussed thereineasier to understand. Some of the topics discussed by Adriaan in this video includes; structurereports, presenting analytics data with video recordings, considering different data sources,using hedging words, visualizing data within Google Analytics, writing a compelling executivesummary, using tableau to enrich reports, drawing inspiration from others and locating andusing competitor industry data. To watch this video which is one of the top ten videos onmarketing analytics, click here: tutorials/Marketing-Analytics-Presenting- Digital-Marketing- Data/531411-2.html .10. FOUNDATION OF MARKETING ANALYTICS by ESSEC Business SchoolThis course is designed for marketers, aspiring marketers, students, business analysts and datascientists who wish to apply statistical knowledge and business related techniques. This video isquite interesting as you will soon realize. It’s also engaging and rewarding if you apply all therules.Companies are sitting on a huge pile of data, but most times lack the skills and man power toAnalyze and utilize the data to the full extent. Intelligent companies develop the skills and hirethe right people to do the job the right way, analyzing properly and exploiting customer’s data.This will give the company a clear competitive advantage. This video covers the following:segmentation, understanding customers, anticipating the future value of customers. To watchthis video click here: marketing-analytics .


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