The life with abundance is to open your

world in which we live constantly creates a whole lot of everything. They all
surround us with rich prosperity, rich health, rich fortune, relationships,
opportunities, yes, abundance of all the things they might ever want.

know, there is little in our minds. And the key to living a life with abundance
is to open your mind, your eyes, and your ears. Abundant life is possible. But
you’ll have to change the way you think and the way you perceive the world.
Abundance is a state of awareness that you alone can awaken from within you.

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first step towards living a life with abundance is to understand that it comes
from within and then manifests outwards. It requires you to give some attention
to your emotional state. It is a known fact that our emotional habits enable us
to approach life in a certain manner, which in turn attracts certain events,
situations, individuals, and relationships that are in congruence with our
general outlook in life.

you’re someone who distrusts people, one is anxious, depressed, fearful and
pessimistic. There’s every chance that these emotional habits will attract to
you experiences that are in line with your emotions. Your thoughts affect your
emotions, which in turn affect your actions and behavior.

It means
cultivating gratitude. A life of bitterness, regrets, and self-pity repels
abundance. If indeed you have things you sincerely feel you should have handled
better, acknowledge it, then forgive yourself and move on positively! Just don’t
dwell on it perpetually.

It will
also help if you list those things about you for which
you are thankful. They don’t have to be grand achievements or possessions. And
the list doesn’t have to be long-4 or 7 items may be OK. Go through the list
before retiring to bed each night.

Even if
at the moment you don’t think you have a lot in terms of material possessions,
living your life with the abundance principle will do two things for you: one,
it will increase your level of happiness and, two, it will prepare you to take
advantage of opportunities when they do present themselves-and they will, since
the world abounds with abundance. So don’t dwell on your present
condition-especially if it’s miserable.

seeing yourself as a victim. Allow yourself to entertain thoughts of joy and

to think positive thoughts and hold positive beliefs. Always be grateful for
the things you do possess now-whether big or small. Whatever you have now can
be used to make your life rich, abundant, and rewarding.


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