The statement of the problem The minute observations

The present chapter is dedicated to spell out the methodology that has been followed throughout the research process. Methodology refers to a series of procedures that are adhered to during the course of research to provide a systematic shape to the research and to generate valid results. In this context, it becomes worthwhile to discuss the major highlights of this chapter. They include:

Broad Statement of the Problem

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Prefixed Objectives

Research Questions/ Hypothesis

Research Scope     

Research Design

Research data source

Research coverage

Research Methods

Research tools applied

Research variables

Data analysis pattern

Limitations of Research

Research Ethics

Research Implications

All these can be discussed under four phases

Broad Statement of the Problem

The study will delved into the impact of climate change on the overall livelihood of local communities. In pursuit the study will make a comprehensive analysis between coastal and indigenous populations.


Pre Study

After deciding the broad statement of the problem at an academic level, the researcher had to launch a small pre-study in the research area to study the place, the people and the propensity of these people and the place to address the research objectives. The proximity of the researcher to the area and the people provided the prima facia impression about:

v  The dimensions to be dealt during course of research

v  The basic objectives that can be prefixed for the research

v  The prevalent trend that can guide hypothesis formulation

v  The facets to be focussed during the time of data collection and to be reflected in the research tools.


Aim and Objectives of the Study


The objectives of the research were prefixed by the researcher keeping three things in mind that are:

The broad statement of the problem

The minute observations made during the pre-study

The research gaps identified during review of literature


The  aim  of  this  study  is  to  analyse the trend of rainfall and temperature of the selectd districts and explore  perceptions,  vulnerability  and  adaptation  of farm households  to  climate  change. 

The specific objectives are: 

v  To analyze the pattern/ trend of rainfall and temperature of the selected districts

v  To study the perception of people of both the communities towards climate change

v  To examine comparative vulnerability of farm households to climate change

v  To understand the impact of climate change on the livelihood of farm households

v  To study the coping mechanism and adaptation strategies of farm households to climate change.


Research Questions

The research questions were formulated by the researcher keeping the experiences of the pre-study, the knowledge accumulated from the relevant review of literature and the objectives in view.

Based on the above mentioned objectives, the study poses the following questions   with a view to answer them:

Ø  What is the trend of rainfall and temperature of Kendrapada and Mayurbhanj districts?

Ø  How do people in coastal and tribal areas in general and farm households in particular perceive climate change?

Ø  What is the impact of climate change on livelihoods of coastal and tribal communities?

Ø  Which categories of farm households are more vulnerable to climate change? 

Ø  What strategies are pursued to adapt to climate change?  


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