The uncertainties for aGau(?) at wavelength longer than

The MuPI performance was validated for multi-spectral Rrs(?) at six different band configurations. Table 5 shows the mean
UAPD of 13 aGau(?) for all three in situ datasets with
the spectral bands of different sensors, respectively. Table 6 provides
detailed information for LE 2014 data regarding the variation of the mean UAPD
in the aGau(?) retrieval with Rrs(?) at
different spectral configurations. OLCI and MERIS produced similar mean UAPD,
which is around 35% for all three datasets and 28% for the LE 2014 data.
Compared with MODIS, VIIRS showed slightly higher mean UAPD (All data: VIIRS:
36%, MODIS: 34%; LE 2014: VIIRS: ?40%, MODIS: ?37%), which is potentially
caused by the lack of a spectral band around 665 nm in VIIRS. MSI and OLI
produced the highest uncertainties for aGau(?) at wavelength longer than 550 nm, but,
surprisingly, a ?50% mean UAPD was achieved for the four spectral bands of the
Landsat-8 OLI sensor with the data used here, which demonstrates the potential
of applying MuPI to these high spatial resolution satellite remote sensing data.

By removing and adding specific bands such as 645 and 748
nm for MODIS, and 754 nm in MERIS, differences in the aGau(?)
accuracy were observed. A 10% increase in mean UAPD was observed when the 748
nm band was removed from MODIS, and a 3% decrease in the mean UAPD when adding
the 745 nm band to MERIS. However, with the existence of the 748 nm band, the
adding and removing of the 645 nm band did not show a large influence (500 nm for HICO and
>480 nm for MODIS) in the model application, to minimize the influence of ineffective
atmospheric correction on the shorter bands of satellite Rrs(?). To
validate this adjustment, MuPI was first applied to in situ measured Rrs(?) with HICO and MODIS bands but without data from the shorter
wavelengths (?500 nm for HICO and 412 and 443 nm for MODIS). The retrieved aGau(?) from such Rrs(?) agreed quite well with aGau(?) from in situ aph(?) decomposition, with the mean UAPD
?38% for HICO, and ?48% for MODIS bands (Table 7). The estimated Chl-a
concentration has a mean UAPD of 28% which is better than the results from the
standard products 45 and those shown in Pan et al. 8, and the mean UAPD for
the estimated PC concentration is 32% which is consistent or even better than
that reported in the literature 6,7,48. Figure 9 presents one match-up of
satellite and in situ Rrs(?) spectra and the estimated Rrs(?) spectra from MuPI for both HICO and MODIS, as well as, the 13
derived aGau(?) from the corresponding spectrum. The aGau(?) from the corresponding satellite and in situ match-up data
showed the same trend.We further explored the aGau(?) distribution obtained from HICO and
MODIS of the western basin of Lake Erie. The MuPI scheme was applied without
using Rrs(?) data at the shorter spectral bands

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