Theologian leaders and their followers. On October 31,

Theologian Martin Luther was born on November 10, 1483, in Germany. He died on February 18, 1546 in Eisleben the same place where he was born.Martin Luther’s parents, Hans and Margarette Luther, were peasants. Hans moved the family of 10  to Mansfeld, there he became the town councillor. Hans Luther had a tough job as a miner but wanted his family to have a better life. He wanted him to become a lawyer. At age seven, Martin Luther entered a school in Mansfeld in the spring of 1488. He learned the Latin language, Ten Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, and the Apostles Creed in morning and evening prayers. At 14 Martin Luther went to north Magdeburg, he went on to study at the school ran by Brethren of the Common Life . In 1498, he came back to Eisleben and enrolled in another school to study grammar, rhetoric and logic. He wrote about his experience  and compared it to purgatory and hell. In July 1505, Luther had a vision to become a monk. He was engaged in a serious thunderstorm where he feared for his life. Luther cried out to St. Anne, “Save me, St. Anne, and I’ll become a monk!” As the storm calmed and he was saved, and went to study in an Augustinian monastery. Some  historians believe this was made up in Luther’s mind. Martin Luther’s father became furious that he had become a monk, but he felt he must keep a promise. Luther was afraid of hell and God’s wrath, and wanted the life in a monastery to help him fiII his promise. From  Nov. 10, 1483 to February 18, 1546 he studied as a German monk. Luther was a Protestant Reformation and becoming one of the most famous  and controversial people in Christian history. Luther called into question and his followers soon split from the Roman Catholic Church to begin the Protestant tradition. In his church his required things and took action. Martin Luther wanted all peole to feel closer to God. He thought of a plan to translate the Bible into the language so people can understand. This changed the views of  church leaders and their followers. On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther,became  angry with Pope Leo X’s new rules to help build St. Peter’s Basilica, nailed his 95 Theses on the University of Wittenberg’s chapel door.  Luther wanted the information to be  discussion points. The 95 Theses had a outrageous outside view of its information. People would give donations and the popes could cancel or diminish your sins. This did not fit well in the church. A copy was  also sent  to Archbishop Albert Albrecht of Mainz, telling on him to stop the sale of indulgences. Many copies of this 95 Theses spread like wildfires throughout Germany. With the help of the printing press also throughout Europe within two months.The Church stopped this immediately. In October 1518,  the pope ordered Martin Luther at a meeting with Cardinal Thomas,


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