We reduce the customer’s waiting time, the managers

We know that products are consumed,
but services are experienced in real time. Today many businesses are concerned
about customer’s irritation with waiting times. Airlines, hotels, banks and
recreation parks are aware about how upset the modern customer can be if they
have to queue for even a short time.  To
the modern customers, waiting is described as demoralizing, aggravating and
frustrating. Companies managers can have a remarkable impact upon their
customers’ happiness with the service encounter by learning to research and
understand the psychological context of their own waiting lines.

             To reduce the customer’s waiting time, the
managers should take in consideration a variety of ways. To adding more staff
and space is not always the best solution if the companies take in
consideration the customers” satisfaction vs. the new cost. Some of the ways to
reduce the waiting time are:

– Redesign the queuing system. Occupied time feels shorter for
customers. Make them walk around, give them music to listen or television to
watch will make help customers to fell waiting time shorter.

– Adjust the queuing system to different market segments. Make a
difference in customer’s waiting according to price, urgency and importance of
the customers.

–  Supervise customer’s behavior
and their perceptions of the wait.

– Place a reservation system. In this way customers can make
reservations, booking or appointments to short their waiting time.

– Upgrade processes to shorten the time of each transaction. With this
customers can use by their self the service machines.

personal example about waiting in line was my vacation to Disney Word. There my
family and me experienced the “virtual queue” strategy. This is a creative way
of taking the physical waiting out of the wait altogether. Instead, we
registered our place in line on a terminal that estimated the time at which we
will reach the front of the virtual line and could return to claim our
place.  In mean time we enjoyed other
places in the park.