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When anyone thinks of sharks they think “Jaws” or BAD! This is how we perceive sharks, but are they really that bad? Did you know that most of the time sharks don’t mean to attack humans? Did you know that sharks are almost extinct because of humans or that you have higher chances of being attacked by a dog rather than a shark? So, why are we scared of them?Sharks are intelligent creatures but not as smart as us or a dolphin and they don’t have it easy. Sharks have bad vision and on top of that, the way we dress at the beach doesn’t exactly help. We are not prey for sharks, but seals are. The swimwear and wetsuits we wear make sharks think we are seals. After sharks bite humans they realize they are not seals so they let go. You can stay safe by not wearing shiny jewelry that may look like fish scales and go swimming in a group. Your odds of getting killed by a shark are 1 in 3,748,067. You are more likely to be killed by fireworks, drowning or while driving. Does that stop you from swimming, driving or lighting fireworks no? No.Then why be so scared of sharks. Are sharks predators or are we? One delicacy in China is Shark Fin Soup. It is a soup that is flavored with chicken, pork, ham or any other stock. The shark fin itself has no taste whatsoever, it is added for texture in the soup and is one of the most expensive soups in the world. How do they get the fins? By shark skinning. Shark skinning is a horrifying and disturbing technique for hunting sharks. Since the fins of the shark are worth more than the rest of their body ($500 a pound), fishermen cut the sharks fins off and then throw them back into the water. Where they will either starve to death, get eaten by other prey or drown in a slow painful death.Approximately 100 million sharks are killed each year and since sharks grow and mature very slowly they are very easily going to become extinct. Some shark species populations have dropped 60%-70%, and they are continuing to go down. Sharks are also a big part of the ecosystem since they are top predators, and if they go extinct a lot of things will topple out of balance in the ocean. Instead of fearing sharks we should help them they are incredible creatures that are bound to go extinct at the pace we are killing them. You should consider the fact that we wear a lot of things that may confuse sharks into thinking we are their prey. Think about it, should we really be killing sharks at such an alarming rate just to “add texture” to a soup. Also, getting the shark fins in such a gruesome, horrid way. Sharks aren’t as bad as you think. They are just perceived in the wrong way.


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